PALFINGER PCC 115.002: A Solution for Every New Task


The PCC crawler crane comes into its own when even skilled operators reach their limits. The PALFINGER product solution is versatile and adaptable - even in tight spaces and inside buildings. With this equipment, “no can do” isn’t an option.

The Berlin-based company C-Tech Rückbau GmbH is specialized on dismantling plants in the industrial sector. They often handle special tasks, at nuclear plants and power stations involving all types of heating systems. The heating plant in the city of Gießen is also a hot spot. The aging boiler No. 3 has to be removed - without interrupting the operation of the other two boilers.

In extremely confined conditions, the roof and side walls must remain intact, and selective dismantling needs to be employed. Equipment can only access the inside of the heating plant through a ground-level doorway to remove the boiler measuring 4.9 x 3.7 meters and 15 meters tall with an additional platform on top. This is exactly the kind of challenge that the PALFINGER PCC 115.002 crawler crane is looking for and for which it was designed. Because the crane with the crawler unit cannot positioned into the interior of the building, the crane module is separated from the crawler chassis and shifted into position in several stages. The PCC 115.002 is parked in front of the doorway and the shift function is used to place the crane on the marking, which was set in advance. The shift function allows the crane module to move lengthwise and sideways with or without the crawler unit. As two separate modules, the height of the crawler crane is significantly reduced so it can enter the low doorway into the heating plant. So that the crane can now use its maximum lifting power, the H-shaped outrigger frame is brought into the perfect position and fitted with counterweights.



The dismantling work can now begin. With its special boom geometry, the crane quickly reaches the required working height inside the building - although there is little space between the boiler and side walls. This runs smoothly, because the knuckle boom can be unfolded with the double linkage system and fly jib. Now it is time to get down to business. The employees climb up to the top and use heavy equipment to start dismantling the platform and the boiler into smaller sections. Since there are no attachment points for load handling equipment inside the roof of the building, every work step must be secured by the PCC 115.002.

When planning the job, managing director Mark Drescher calculated which loads the crane would be able to handle. The best use of the lift capacity on the fly jib is achieved by continuously monitoring the geometry of the boom system. The calculation of all the centers of mass, including the outrigger system, in combination with the removable counterweight ensures 360-degree stability. This means that the crane operator can keep the load under control in any position. Calculated cautiously, the company owner came up with a load of three tons on the fly jib. On site, the PALcom P7 control system calculated a maximum load of 3.2 tons for the crane operator. As a result, the dismantling work could be implemented as planned, and included a safety factor.

In order to be flexible and keep an eye on potential dangers, the PALcom P7 radio remote control allows crane operators to stand where they have the best view of areas with the highest risk. Right where the action is happening. There is no need to provide instructions over the radio, because the crane operator always has the load under control. This greatly increases the safety of employees working in hazardous areas.


When awarding the contract to dismantle the boiler at the Gießen heating plant, safety was a top priority. Since the plant had to continue producing energy and could not be switched off, the safety regulations inside the plant still had to be met. If there had been an incident, emergency vehicles would have been able to access the job site. To enable this, the PCC can be dismantled within a few minutes and allow access to the inside of the building. This is the only right substitute for experimental solutions involving a forklift with load hook, and use a purpose-specific crane like the PALFINGER PCC. Another advantage of the PCC 115.002 is that it can be used inside buildings with an integrated electric motor. Thanks to the electric drive line, there are no emissions on site, which provides for an even safer and more comfortable working environment.

“The reason why we chose the PCC 115.002 from PALFINGER 10 months ago is because it makes C-Tech Rückbau GmbH highly flexible in terms of the contracts we can take on. It allows us to offer solutions for projects that seem unsolvable, and we grow with every new task we are set,” explains Mark Drescher.

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