Empowering Agricultural Excellence: The POWER of PALFINGER Transforms GOURDON's Landscaping


In the typical Landes countryside, where earth meets technology, PALFINGER's POWER hookloader proves its mettle. his combination of innovative solutions is not only a source of pride for GOURDON, but also an opportunity showcasing that in the hands of true experts, exceptional tools can surpass all expectations.


A Powerful Combination: POWER Hookloader and Agricultural Chassis

Picture this: a POWER hookloader seamlessly mounted on a trailer, harmoniously paired with a robust tractor, all set against the backdrop of a thriving farm. This efficient engineering finds its roots in the heart of the Landes region, a renowned hub for land cultivation in South-West France. United by shared values of unwavering quality and unmatched performance, the GOURDON family business embarked on a journey with PALFINGER to integrate a hookloader onto their trusted agricultural chassis. This strategic collaboration yielded a versatile solution that perfectly aligned with the evolving needs of their clientele.

Sophie Gourdon: Leading with Trust and Expertise

At the helm of the family enterprise, Sophie Gourdon assumes the role of Managing Director, carrying forward the legacy while nurturing the enduring trust between the company and its customers. The cornerstone of their business strategy lies in attentive listening –  a practice central to understanding the diverse and dynamic needs of today's farmers. Modern agriculture extends far beyond the fields, embracing realms such as public works and environmental stewardship. Enter the multi-container trailer solution, a masterstroke that addresses the need for versatility without the burden of expanding vehicle fleets.

Sophie Gourdon reflects, "We were looking for a powerful, heavy-duty hooklift that would be reliable in all circumstances. The POWER ticks all the boxes! We've been the exclusive fitters of PALFINGER equipment on agricultural chassis for over 10 years now, and demand is growing all the time."

Customization to answer current and future needs

The versatility of both PALFINGER and GOURDON products shines through in the customizability of the solution. Tailored to meet the requirements of each customer, considerations such as lifting capacity, articulated arm variations, and rear lifting device options are carefully selected to align with current and future applications.

Meet Yoann CAZERAN, a dedicated farmer and agricultural contractor, alongside his parents and brother. Yoann boasts ownership of two POWER hookloaders, seamlessly integrated with GOURDON trailers, designed for harmonious use alongside tractors. In a league of their own, these vehicles effortlessly traverse rough and muddy terrain, reaching every nook and cranny of the land.

From Harvests to Grape-Picking: A Solution for All conditions

Late summer through autumn brings with it the fervor of harvests and grape-picking, a time characterized by heightened intensity and often unpredictable rain showers. To meet these exacting demands, a solution tailored to these constraints became imperative. The steadfastness of GOURDON's meticulously crafted bolted assembly, combined with the sheer power of the POWER hookloader, yields a product of enduring durability, thriving even in the most challenging conditions.

Evolving with Confidence: The P 20 A R

For several years, the family business entrusted the P 17 A, a choice that proved fully satisfactory. However, the burgeoning workload of 2022 necessitated a step up in their arsenal. Displaying unwavering faith in PALFINGER, they welcomed a second POWER-equipped trailer into their ranks, the P 20 A R, increasing lifting capacity. The articulated jib of this powerhouse facilitates the handling of diverse containers —be it tanks, trays, or containers of varying lengths—all while maintaining a reduced loading angle to curtail material spillage.

In a nod to versatility, Yoann adds, "To enhance the product's versatility, the rear lift has also been added to work with standing containers and facilitate fertilizer spreading."

As a result, the P 20 A R stands ready to conquer any challenge that comes its way. Empowered by PALFINGER's precision and reliability, the family business charts its course for expansion and sustained success with unwavering confidence.

Perfection in Action

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