Following 15 years of working at EPSILON, Hermann Fuschlberger has now switched over to being an enthusiastic EPSILON customer. He and his business partner have chosen to rely on an EPSILON C80Z and are delighted as a result. The two multi-skilled entrepreneurs from the township of Adnet near Salzburg in Austria demonstrate how a reliable crane delivers an enormous assistance in workload and flexibility.

Hermann Fuschlberger worked for crane manufacturer PALFINGER EPSILON for 15 years and gained experience in a number of departments. From incoming goods inspection to production management, he knows the company and its products inside and out. To develop his skillset and spend more time outdoors, Hermann started up his own business. “Physical activity is good for me and gives me a real sense of achievement by the time the evening comes,” Hermann Fuschlberger explains by way of introduction. Having founded his company Umshaus4di, he joined forces with Norbert Stadler from the Stadler earth moving company to make even better use of shared resources. Together, the two entrepreneurs can offer a wide range of services, from earthworks to gardening and landscaping. “We both complement each other perfectly in many areas. From earthworks, tree felling, sewer excavation, drainage, and general building work, we can provide our customers with the best possible support,” continues Hermann Fuschlberger.

EPSILON C80Z as support

In spring 2022, they expanded their fleet to make their day-to-day work easier and to become even faster and more independent. An EPSILON C80Z89 supports them in all their activities and gives them extra flexibility. “Our job sites need to be completed in the shortest possible time. With such a wide range of tasks, both safety and good handling play important roles for us. In cooperation with Mr. Fuschlberger and Umshaus4di, we have decided to purchase a C80Z. Previously, we had to do many laborious manual tasks that are now being carried out by the crane. This makes our work much easier and saves us a lot of time,” says Norbert Stadler.

When deciding on the crane, there was no doubt in Hermann Fuschlberger’s mind that it would be a PALFINGER EPSILON. “From my own experience and my many years working at EPSILON, I know that these are extremely impressive products that offer high quality and durability. We deliberately chose the Ferrari among cranes because we also have all the company contacts virtually on site,” continues Hermann Fuschlberger. That is the reason why it was easy for the two of them to select the right crane model as well as the adaptations for their special requirements. Thanks to the compact dimensions of the crane, it could be mounted on the tandem tipper to save space.

“Many people laughed at us in the beginning because we were putting such a large crane on a relatively small tipper. That is why we are extra proud that we have achieved the seemingly impossible together with our truck bodywork builder and EPSILON,” says Norbert Stadler. “This enables us to load the tipper quickly and still transport six tons. The set-up is also extremely compact, which gives us many advantages on narrow job sites. The maneuverability in the city and the crane's reach of nine meters is superb. With our new crane, we are very well equipped for our daily work,” says Norbert Stadler.

Shell grapple special solution

Together with EPSILON, the two are currently in the process of specifying a shell grapple, which will offer even more flexibility. “Again, we are looking for a special solution here. EPSILON and our bodywork builder provide us with perfect and purpose-specific support. With quick-release couplings and a flexible adapter plate, the grapple should be able to be changed quickly while all functions are retained in full,” Hermann Fuschlberger explains excitedly. This is intended to make every workday easier still, as even more time can be saved if you only need one machine on the job site.


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