PALFINGER Hookloader and Skiploader


Efficiency for Fleet, Truck and Hookloaders

Machine Efficiency on 21st century Level

We support you in modern fleet management with efficient solutions in form of digital platforms, optimized for fleet managers, operators and service partners. 

Fleet Manager / Entrepreneur – with focus on economic use, maintenance and service management, operating times and safety of the fleet

Operator – focusing on the most efficient, safe and smooth operation of hookloaders

Service Partner – maintenance and service management for all customers

Fleet Monitor

Professional Fleet Management

  • User oriented functions - most important data for fleet managers, service managers or dispatchers at one glance
  • Fleet overview - provides the technical characteristics as well as the current operating status of the vehicles
  • Service and maintenance planning - capturing truck and hookloader data allows an improved service and maintenance planning
  • Error and warning alerts - enable fast and proper trouble shooting measures
  • Improvement of utilization - meaningful representation of truck and hookloader operations ensures efficiency and cost-optimized usage of the vehicles
  • Standardized machine data for integration into existing fleet management systems - offering machinery data in the standardized ISO 15143-3 (AEMP 2.0) format, enabling an integration into existing fleet management systems that show various kind of machinery

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Operator Monitor

Mobile Operator Interface

  • Mobile app - supports the operator of the hookloader in the daily work, available for iOS and Android
  • Hookloader data available at any time - the operator receives information about the status of the device and the performance under the current situation
  • Mobile maintenance checklist - model specific, digital maintenance checklist with notices about due dates for proper and periodic maintenance
  • Fast response in case of errors - direct access to the status codes to ensure proper and timely correction
  • Assistant for job planning - job planner supports the operator by check-out the situation on site via maps

For  Android & iOS devices

Discover our PALFINGER Operator Monitor web app. To be independent of any app store, Operator Monitor is accessible as a progressive web app by scanning the QR code or entering the following link in the browser * on your mobile device:



*Internet Explorer is not supported

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