PALFINGER Hookloader and Skiploader

Hookloader & Skiploader Highlights

PAD Touch

The PAD-Touch control developed by PALFINGER is perfectly suited for moving the hooklift truck with a single joystick directly from the cab. The in-cab control precisely controls the movements of the container, while the screen informs the operator in real time about the position of the boom in its environment. PAD-Touch creates a new standard for boom control.

It is now available with an updated option to control the hook loader from external devices.

Pack Vision camera

Displays the position of the arm and the container on the touchscreen of the PAD-Touch control directly during the manoeuvres. It facilitates the use of the arm and the transfer to a trailer, day and night.

Time saver – Advanced Rapid Motion

The advanced rapid motion option increases the performance and saves time during container handling. More daily rotations are possible with less dead time and drivers avoid blocking the location for longer than necessary. It reduces the cycle time by enabling high speed operation while extending (-50%) and retracting (-30%) cylinders.

Soft sliding

This feature enables silent and smooth loading.

Thanks to the reinforced polyamide sliders, the box slides more smoothly. Operation is more comfortable for the driver and his environment.

OSS - One Stop Shop

One stop Shop allows standardized bodybuilding within our network, while more reliable completion date.

POP - PALFINGER Origin Protection

The main components are sand-blasted, degreased, primer painted and final coated (according to customer specification) before assembling, all other parts are zinc nickel anticorrosion treated (meets ISO 12944 standard specifications concerning surface protection, classification 3).

PAD - Pro active drive - control system

PAD controls: an intelligent system for convenient use, improved safety and better information. A PALFINGER development that offers a wide choice of options including automatic cycle.

SAM - Secured Advanced Mounting

PALFINGER offers corrosion protected and fully boltable mounting plates and accessories