Knuckle Boom Cranes

PK 4501 High Performance

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High speed extension offers short load cycles - this means more efficiency in use

  • Shorter load cycle times due to High Speed Extention 
  • Perfect appearance and the highest value retention due to KTL 
  • Maximum utilisation of the working range thanks to HPSC 
  • Increased operating times due to low-maintenance extension system
  • Higher payloads due to intelligent lightweight design

  • KTL
  • PAL 50
  • HPSC
  • Radio Remote Control


The right surface treatment is the foundation for durable and long-lasting surface protection. The components pass through the priming and painting process stages fully automatically. Through this innovative technology for surface coating, PALFINGER creates a quality standard that is usually only found in the automobile industry.


1. The crane components are cleaned of all impurities by means of cut steel shot blasting.

2. The components are degreased, rinsed, activated and coated with zinc phosphating in the individual immersion tanks.

3. After two additional rinsing processes, the surfaces are passivated as well as rinsed with ultra-pure water.

4. The electrostatic cathodic dip painting follows by immersing the crane components completely in the paint.

5. Excess paint is washed off in two additional operations with an ultra-filtration rinse.

6. Afterwards, the paint is cured at a temperature of 115 degrees for 1.5 hours.

7. At the end, the crane components are given a water-soluble, environmentally friendly two-component finish coat of paint by a painting robot.

PAL 50


With the PALTRONIC 50 and PALTRONIC 150, PALFINGER offers the latest control electronics for the series production crane. The most important safety and comfort functions include:

• overload cut-off

• stability control (HPSC)

• High Power Lifting System (HPLS)

• Active Oscillation Suppression system (AOS)

• Dual Power System plus (DPS plus) in the fly jib insert


The PALTRONIC controls and monitors the crane.

1. Pressure sensors on the cylinders send information on the capacity utilisation of the crane to the PALTRONIC.

2. Position sensors send information on the position of the boom system, the slewing gear or the stabilizer support to the PALTRONIC. Based on the incoming signals, the PALTRONIC decides on shutting down or activating systems.



The High Performance Stability Control (HPSC) is a fully proportional system for monitoring the stability of the crane vehicle. Sensors for proportional path measurement in the stabilizer supports permit completely variable support positioning. Hence, the permissible, safe working range can be calculated for any support situation.


The HPSC system calculates the permissible working range for any slewing angle of the boom system and for any support situation. The position of the stabilizer support is detected by means of a cable extension transducer or magnetostrictive position sensor. Based on the intelligent calculation algorithm developed by PALFINGER, it works more efficiently than comparable systems that are available in the market.

* Optional feature/country-specific-equipment

Radio Remote Control


Today, radio remote controls are often considered to be standard equipment when it comes to modern loader cranes. PALFINGER radio remote controls are equipped with linear or cross levers and provide the greatest possible comfort of the operator. For cranes without PALTRONIC we offer a handset without display. For cranes with PALTRONIC an LED display informs the crane operator of the different operating conditions.


The remote control console (transmitter) is responsible for transmitting the commands made on the levers to the receiver. The receiver forwards the signals to the electronics, which convert them into crane movements by means of hydraulic control valves.

Product hotspots

 Return oil utilisation  Single Link  Low-maintenance extension system
Return oil utilisation

Return oil utilisation

The high speed of the extension system is impressive. It results from return oil utilisation, which is installed as standard, and the generously dimensioned hydraulic lines. This increases efficiency in all types of applications!

Single Link

Single Link

The knuckle joint significantly improves the crane’s motion geometry.

Low-maintenance extension system

Low-maintenance extension system

With sliding elements made of synthetic material and the high-quality KTL coating, this boom system significantly simplifies service performed by the operator. This saves time and money – and protects the environment.

Technical data

Max. lifting moment 31,840 ft_lbs
Max. lifting capacity 7,270 lbs.
Max. hydraulic outreach 36' 5"
Max. manual outreach 41' 8"
Slewing torque with 1 gear 4,340 ft_lbs
Fitting space required (std) 2' 2"
Max. operating pressure 4640 psi
Dead weight (std.) 1540.0 lbs
Width foldet 6' 11"
Pump capacity 4.0 to 6.6 US gal./min
SAP Type S003D

lifting capacities


(feet, inches)






(feet, inches)

(feet, inches)

(feet, inches)
A 31101 23 ' 7 '' 400 4340 467 4,0-6,6 1687 6 ' 0 '' 6 ' 11 '' 2 ' 2 ''
B 29655 30 ' 2 '' 400 4340 467 4,0-6,6 1832 6 ' 0 '' 6 ' 11 '' 2 ' 2 ''
C 28931 36 ' 5 '' 400 4340 467 4,0-6,6 1966 6 ' 2 '' 6 ' 11 '' 2 ' 2 ''


Hose equipment for two additional hydr. functions


With the hose rig, it is very easy to connect additional attachments (fly jib, rotator,...). The hose rig is installed protected in the hose troughs.