MBB F 1000 SH SX

Tail Lift

F 1000 SH 

  • The versatile fold-under tail lift
  • 1,000/1,500 kg lifting capacity
  • Proven four-cylinder design
  • Three-piece underride guard for greater safety
  • Hydraulic support for folding and unfolding
  • Convenient "MBB CONTROL PLUS" control as standard
  • Welded brackets for easy installation
  • Optionally available with fixture for ball-head coupling

F 1000 SX

  • See F 1000 SH / F 1500 LH
  • Version without rear-end section optimal for refrigerated body applications thanks to adapted lifting arm contour


MBB F 1500 LHLX_brochure

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Operation Instruction

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Assembly Instructions

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Mounting form

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