PALFINGER Loader Cranes

Leveling Assistant

Up to 80 % time savings when leveling the vehicle

Product Features

The setup process of the loader crane can be lengthy and complex, depending on the location and number of stabilizers. An optimally leveled vehicle is the basis for maximum stability and efficient crane operation.
When it comes to assistance systems, we are now taking the next step with LEVELING ASSISTANT and adding another function to our TEC loader cranes. This enables us to further increase the comfort and efficiency of crane operation.

The LEVELING ASSISTANT simplifies the stabilizing process overall by optimally leveling the vehicle. The process itself takes place through pulsating movements of the stabilizer cylinders. With just one lever movement on the remote control, optimal leveling is achieved by pulsating movements of the stabilizers. In order to achieve the best possible vehicle inclination for each individual application, the operator can choose between two versions, „steep position“ or „HPSC“.

How It Works


  1. Before starting the leveling process, all outriggers and stabilizer plates must be put in position.
  2. The leveling assistant is activated via the convenient menu of the PALcom P7 radio remote control. By now one lever deflection the outrigger cylinders are moved downwards semi-automatically in steps in a clockwise direction. When a stabilizer touches the ground, the corresponding symbol on the P7 changes from gray to green. The vibration of the P7 signals that the target value for leveling of the all stabilizers has been reached. 
  3. Optionally, the vehicle can now be finely leveled by deflecting the lever again. This allows the vehicle to be leveled with an accuracy of up to 0.1°.
  4. The desired elevation adjustment of the vehicle can then be established. Once the desired elevation of the vehicle has been achieved, existing radio-controlled front and frame stabilizers can then be initialized. 
  5. To retract the stabilizer cylinders after use by means of leveling assistant, the procedure is reversed. First, front and frame stabilizers are completely retracted and then all remaining stabilizer cylinders can be retracted until optional tiltable stabilizers can be unlocked.



  • Time savings due to semi-automated leveling process of the entire vehicle 


  • Easy and intuitive operation thanks to the PALcom P7 radio remote control
  • Comfort and time saving due to semi-automated leveling of the vehicle


  • The leveling assistant supports the crane operator in the stabilizing process and levels the vehicle according to the allowed vehicle inclination. The process is semi-automatic with the operation of just one lever. 
  • This not only saves time in the leveling process, but also guarantees perfect crane positioning regardless of the situation at the operation site.