With the MFA-Jib, PALFINGER increases the maximum reach of the TEC crane series by more than 5 meters. PALFINGER's application primarily meets the special requirements for more reach and flexibility of customers in the high-logistics industry. The MFA jib allows loads to be lifted in previously inaccessible positions, thus enabling exceptional operations to be carried out.

The PALFINGER loader crane is appreciated by customers as a multifunctional work tool and is used for a wide variety of tasks. A wide range of existing attachments supports this flexibility. With the MFA-Jib, the crane can now be perfectly equipped for upcoming tasks in high logistics that require even more reach. Angle adjustment between +20° and -60° enables the crane to work over previously insurmountable interfering edges. This combines the advantages of a mechanical extension with the flexibility of a fly jib. The MFA-Jib allows a maximum payload of 350 to 650 kg and can optionally also be used for winch operation.

For some time now, the MFA-JIB has also been optionally available with the popular comfort feature SRC. With this system, the distance between the rope block and the MFA-Jib tip is kept constant without the crane operator having to readjust.

Time and cost savings as well as low effort

The MFA jib is connected to the standardized multifunctional adapter MFA. The great advantage for the user: Due to this universal connection, all attachments can be mounted and exchanged with little effort. This ensures massive time and cost savings in use.

Prerequisite & availability

The MFA-Jib is available for selected cranes of the TEC series in combination with P-Profile Fly-Jib.

Software function MFAJ

The MFA-JIB has already been integrated into the stability system in the past with the TOOL function. Our now newly developed function MFAJ makes this system even safer and allows the setup status of the MFA-Jib to be recorded in the crane control. This makes it possible to take the MFA jib into account in the overload calculation of the crane and to safeguard it accordingly. The status of the setup state is set in the menu of the radio remote control. The MFA jib is activated, the extension angle and position are defined and confirmed. This information is clearly visible to the operator on the display of the radio remote control. When the overload condition is reached, the MFA jib is displayed in red. With MFAJ, the MFA jib complies with the latest release of the EN280.

NEW OPTION - TOOL-RACK - Safe storage, stowage on the flatbed

In addition to these advantages, the Transport Rack provides space for the PJM020 itself and the winch components. Thus, all necessary components for the MFA-Jib application can be stored comfortably on the Transport Rack. Manipulation with crane or forklift is easily possible.