Discover our hookloader lines


TEC 5 – Performance and comfort 

The hookloader TEC 5 is the advanced tech version for more comfort and safety in operation. TEC 5 hooklifts are equipped with the innovative PAD-Touch control, camera-assisted (Vision Package) as standard and benefits from intelligent functions developed by PALFINGER. 

This variant meets individual customer requirements, resulting in a level of flexibility that spans a wide range of applications (environment, construction, agriculture, public services…). The use of bolted solutions facilitates ease of maintenance as well as the flexibility to add more options and functions. Indeed, PALFINGER's engineering teams are constantly developing new intelligent functions throughout the life cycle of the equipment. 

The PAD-touch system consits of an ergonomic cab-control with a 7’ touch screen. All functions are available in one screen to control your operations: activated functions, position of the arm, maintenance… 

Thanks to a bi-speed joystick you can control your hookloader precisely and keep the stop button at your fingertips.  


 Save time

 Save time

RPM +: down operation time and secure your pump against over RPM exceed.
Easy diagnostic in case of failure with error-code display & QR code for detailed information

Improve comfort

Improve comfort

Reduced noise to minimum as soon as possible with an optimized idle RPM
• All information and functions in a glance: Activated functions, available functions according to the hookloader position, maintenance information menu, individual settings, usage overview to follow performances and predict maintenance

• Night mode without buzzer fur urban use
• 200 Automatic cycles free of charge to try the option and have the easiest possible start with Palfinger’s hookloaders

Work in safety

Work in safety

One rear camera for better visibility from driver seat
Rear camera automatically displayed when reverse gear is engaged
Clear indication of transport position
Sensors monitoring for easy diagnostic
“Go home mode” to ensure return in transport position: In the event of a failure of the detection system (cut cable, damaged sensor), the “Go home” mode allows to end the operations to reach the service center safely. The driver can remain at the control station without any manual action on machine.
Stop button at fingertips to stop the use of in-cab control.

Enhance the benefits with optional functions:

• Assistance for loading and unloading with Automatic cycle
• Make sure that you work in safety with the View following function
• Load unload and tip faster with optimized and controlled engine speed with Advanced Rapid Motion 
• Improve the operations security with Radio Remote control
• Switch off electric and hydraulic functions with one button with Operation stop

• Check the performance of your equipment with Telematic
• Monitor your crane position and add safety with Crane Monitoring
• Add up to 3 cameras to improve visibility without leaving the driver-cab 

The VFF has been developed to allow a better control of operations from inside the cab. Drivers can see accurately and without effort, what they are doing, thanks to cameras displayed on the PAD touch screen. The automatisation of cam selection smooths the operation and allows it to stay focused on the handling, to be able to react immediately if needed.

• Increases safety of the working area
• Eases the turnover of users - improves familiarization with the machine
• Improves profitability of your equipment
• Improves the focus on tasks
• Improves efficiency 

The advanced rapid motion option reduces the cycle time by enabling high speed operation while extending (-50%) and retracting (-30%) the tipping cylinders. This function is unique on the market and is patented.


Whether it's to keep a sleepy street quiet or to reduce the sound level of a noisy site, the new "Silent mode" option can improve working conditions while maintaining a high level of safety. 

When the option is activated, the traditional buzzer is replaced by three flashing lights to warn of possible arm movement. The lights are strategically placed around the hookloader for maximum visibility: one at the front and two at the rear. The safety of the work site is preserved and the operator handles the containers in better conditions. 

Thanks to the memorization of the "silent mode" configuration, it is not necessary to reactivate it each time the machine is started. This means that there is no risk of an unwanted sound signal.  

With the increasing electrification of vehicles, this option makes complete sense. When the engine is silent, it is even more important to maintain these pleasant working conditions when the hooklift is in use. 


• Any surrounding persons are clearly warned by the vehicle
• The driver can work in much better condition 
• Neighborhood is not annoyed by the noise emission
• Perfect for electrified trucks

SLD 5 – Flexibility and adaptability 

The SLD 5 line bring more flexibility and are a step ahead of the SLD 3 line, opening the possibility to add various options to improve basic equipment. These hooklifts have been developed for their ease of operation and quick commissioning as well as a robust and reliable mechanical structure controlled by Pro Active Drive cab control.

Main standard features

·      Pro Active Drive -PAD
·      Soft stop
·      Bi-speed

Main optional features

·      Dismountable hook
·      Screwed container rests
·      RRC with cab control
·      Auto-cycle
·      Truck communication
·      Stop button
·      Multi-lightening
·      PALFINGER Origin Protection
·      Soft Sliding
·      Hydraulic front locking
·      Connected (Fleet Monitor, Operator Monitor, Service Cockpit) 

SLD 3 – Focused on essentials 

The SLD 3 line provides the very essential needs for a hookloader. A low customization availability for a simple offer without sacrificing specifications that contribute over the years to PALFINGER’s success: reduced dead weight and high load capacity. SLD 3 models are controlled by Easy Drive cab control.