Light Class

P 220 BK

P 220 BK

Access Platform
Working Height 22 M
Basket Load 300 KG
Side Reach 16,90 m


The P 220 BK is a state-of-the-art telescopic work platform with a 300kg cage load. The control system via the well-known Light NX control panel and gimmicks such as the memory and home functions make operation of the working platform very easy. The P 220 BK is ideal for the rental business as well as for municipalities and tree cutting.

• Stabiliser operation from the base for easy and safe support
• Robust aluminium workman basket with 300 kg cage load and integrated anti-squeeze protection function in the knee rail
• Automatic support stabilising with wheel clearance monitoring
• Flat substructure under the workman basket allows users to get as close to obstacles as possible
• Full range with vertical support on large chassis (7.5t)




P 220 BK

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