PALFINGER XR-APP - New features in an advanced framework for additional models


Show new Models in LIFE SIZE mode

See the world of PALFINGER products on your mobile device - the new "Augmented Reality" App makes it possible. This app enables you to experience the main features of the latest PALFINGER products in three hyperrealistic modes: 3D, AR and VR mode. The new crane PK 37.002 TEC7 can be viewed from all sides with 3D animations on a neutral gray background. A side menu gives you important information on the crane with short texts, images and videos.

Put 3D model in your individual environment

Create your own realistic 3D product appearance. Set your chosen PALFINGER product in the middle of your conference desk or - with life size mode - within your truck yard.

The XR (Xtended Reality) App is now available for these products:

  • Crane: PK 135.002 TEC7 and PK 37.002 TEC7
  • Epsilon: Q 17Z
  • Access Platforms: P 370 KS
  • Hook- & Skiploader: PS T 14 TEC
  • Tail Lifts: MBB C 1500L

Some other PALFINGER products will be presented in the XR App soon, like the new PCC 115.002 Crawler Crane, and the Hookloader PHT 20 TEC. Product videos can be shown with PALFINGER XR APP Perfect combination between digital and analog presentation. Product videos can be started with the help of the XR APP. Screenshots will be displayed in all recently published PALFINGER brochures. You only have to scan the screenshots from the brochure with the help of the XR-App, afterwards the corresponding product video starts automatically on the mobile device.

You can get our new XR-App for all common mobile devices at the Google Play Store and IOS store for free.


The PALFINGER XR App uses the latest augmented and virtual reality technology to give you a totally new experience to discover the latest models of the PALFINGER range.

3D Mode Palfinger XR

3D mode let you turn the crane in all directions using your fingertips. Tipping on a hotspot starts the animation or displays detailed information about the feature.

1. Start the XR-App

2. Choose „Product Line“

3. Choose a model

4. Explore the highlights


AR (Augmented Reality) mode let you put the crane directly on your desk. There you can scale, rotate and zoom the crane or explore it in any angel by moving your phone around. Highlights and main features are displayed as in 3D mode.

1. Choose “AR Browser”

2. Let your chosen model appear in your current surrounding environment, like e.gyou’re your writing desk or outside in real environment e,g, in front of a building.

3. Choose button “3D” with fixed environment, “ON TABLE” or “LIFE SIZE” mode to visualize your model accordingly.


This feature enables the scanning of video markers out of PALFINGER brochures. In future, these video screenshots will be displayed in all recently published PALFINGER brochures. After scanning the video marker, the linked product video will start automatically on your mobile device.


1. Choose “AR Browser”

2. Scan video marker

3. Video starts automatically