PALFINGER Knuckle Boom Cranes

Soft Stop

More Safety and Convenience

Product Feature

Soft Stop is an electronic limit position damper. It provides gentle braking of all crane movements before the mechanical limit stop is reached. Hence, jerky movements and load impacts from oscillating loads can be avoided for the protection of the crane operator, load and vehicle.

How it works

The movement sensors facilitate a slow approach of the movements to the limit stop. The approach to the limit stop is dampened by means of a ramp function. The ramp functions reduce the movement speed within a defined angle to a preset minimum value with which the limit stop can then be approached.


More Efficiency in Use

  • Faster crane operation with pinpoint accuracy
  • No damage to load, crane vehicle or buildings
  • Less loading of the crane structure


  • High accuracy and sensitivity of the crane
  • Beginners can operate the crane with more precision and care
  • Experienced crane operators can move the crane much faster with pinpoint accuracy


Safe Crane Operation

  • No "post-oscillations" of the load - immediate stoppage
  • Dropping of the load is prevented
  • Precise and accurate control due to constant speed
  • Increased stability, reduction of stabilizer support loading