NEW M-Series

Epsilon Timber and Recycling Crane


What can we do for our customers?

At Palfinger, we pursued comfort, durability and design for the new M series, and as a result, we are now able to offer products that no one could even imagine. The master drive system, which has established new standards for design and technology, and the longest boom system in its class are the first in the industry, and were developed to improve work efficiency such as customer comfort. The new M series is a reliable machine that responds to the voices of many customers.


Option 1

This all-new topseat has dramatically improved comfort and operability. Combining the sophisticated technology and experience of Palfinger Epsilon, this master drive enables smooth crane operation that no one has ever experienced, and makes it less tiring even during long hours of operation. Ergonomic seats with mechanical suspension provide unprecedented comfort.

  • Multi-function armrest  
    Cockpit control is placed.
  • Joystick lever (hydraulic control method)
    Light operation feeling like power steering.
  • Twin direction suspension
  • The ergonomically shaped horizontal and vertical suspension seats from Glamor, Germany, are easy to move,
    provide a safe and stable seating position, and are equipped with seat heaters, weight adjustment and lumbar support..
  • Twin direction suspension

Cabin for new M series

The Eps Cab is equipped with petroleum heaters and seat heaters to protect the operator from the harsh cold environment and provide a comfortable working space. Reinforced plastic front and side doors also protect against dust, splashes, noise and fall accidents.