Jumbo Class NX

P 640

P 640

Access Platform
Working Height 64 M
Basket Load 600 KG
Side Reach 40,5 m


The P 640 model offers a working height of 64 metres and a reach of 41 metres. The fully automatic telescope lubrication system supplies the lower boom telescopes with grease during operation. This extends the service life of the platform and keeps service costs to a minimum.

  • Greater working range thanks to 240° X-jib
  • 2 x 200° rotation for perfect positioning of the workman basket
  • Telescopic upper boom up to 19 m
  • Can be mounted on four-axle chassis with 32 t
  • Telescopic basket with 600 kg basket load and integrated preparation for Powerlift system
  • Hanging basket enables users to get close to objects


P 640

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