New TEC cranes in the 30 to 40 meter-tonne class


PALFINGER is adding four new cranes to its TEC range. The PK 37.002 TEC 7, PK 35.502 TEC 5, PK 30.002 TEC 7 and PK 28.502 TEC 5 models are available now. Each of the four new models features an impressive combination of an efficient continuous slewing system and a wide range of technical highlights. The four new models are led by the PK 37.002 TEC 7, which offers maximum lifting power and outreach.

With a fly jib, the PK 37.002 TEC 7 has the best outreach in its class, attaining incredible overall lift heights of up to 35 metres. It is aided in doing so by features such as the optional DPS-C assistance system. The Dual Power System Continuous achieves the maximum increase in lifting power on the fly jib in all positions. This means the crane can take on tasks requiring high outreach, such as roof work, or those involving heavy loads at any time. The optional stability control system modules of the HPSC-Plus increase the potential applications of the new TEC 7 models further. GEOM determines the centres of gravity of the extension boom system and the load and increases the performance of the crane as a result, especially where space is restricted and the boom system is not fully extended. FSTAB enhances stabilisation performance at very low stabiliser widths and very high truck loadings. LOAD – also optionally available for the new TEC 5 cranes – reacts to the truck’s loading situation and automatically adjusts the maximum load limit.

Maximum choice of assistance systems

As with the TEC 7 models that are already available, the PK 37.002 TEC 7 and the PK 30.002 TEC 7 can also be equipped with the entire range of optional PALFINGER assistance and comfort systems. The high-tech cranes in the TEC 7 model line allow for all the benefits and systems that PALFINGER has to offer today and will have in the future, such as with Smart Boom Control. In addition, the new PK 35.502 TEC 5 and PK 28.502 TEC 5 score points with their exceptional technical features (e.g. Soft Stop, HPSC-Plus LOAD, DPS-Plus and fly jib) and outstanding price-performance ratio.

Noticeably more efficient and comfortable

The fly jib can be used as an option on all four new TEC cranes. Furthermore, the optional MEXT and WEIGH assistance systems make the PK 37.002 TEC 7 and PK 30.002 TEC 7 even more of a pleasure to work with. MEXT automatically adapts the crane’s performance to the maximum load capacity of one or two mechanical extensions. The WEIGH software allows crane operators to weigh the load directly on the crane so that they know exactly where they can lift the load. As a result, the crane can be operated with even greater precision. The ten most recent weighing operations are saved automatically, too.

The return oil utilisation can be adapted according to the situation with the new TEC cranes. It can be turned off manually, which brings about a significant increase in shear force. When it is activated, the extension booms extend and retract more quickly. The TEC 7 models and the TEC 5 models achieve a higher degree of comfort with the aid of Soft Stop. Gentle braking of all crane movements before the end position is reached allows the crane operator to work even more precisely.

TEC for any eventuality

The PALFINGER TEC premium range is designed for tasks that require a certain degree of precision and finesse. Whether complex challenges in urban areas, lifting tasks that require long outreaches or the assembly of heavy machinery, the new PK 37.002 TEC 7, PK 35.502 TEC 5, PK 30.002 TEC 7 and PK 28.502 TEC 5 models perform complex tasks precisely, safely and efficiently.


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