14 high potential leaders across Australia, China, Japan, Singapore, and Vietnam were selected for the APAC leadership program.

APAC Area Leadership Program 2021



The APAC HR team organized a leadership program for 14 high potential leaders from Australia, China, Japan, Singapore, and Vietnam, that was conducted through a hybrid learning environment.

The syllabus was carefully designed by Cegos Asia Pacific and the PALFINGER leadership team to provide a leadership development roadmap for our leaders to keep up to date with the latest trends and practices. The topics included managerial intelligence, managing remote teams effectively, coupled with extensive sharing by Module Sponsors on personal and professional experiences.


Alongside the Cegos syllabus, the learners also participated in a self-selected project that helped hone their creative problem-solving skills, as they approached complex and ambiguous PALFINGER challenges that required them to function effectively as a team. Such intensive experiential learning approach married classroom learning with real-world practice at the highest level.


Finally, on December 10, 2022, we celebrated the graduation of ALP learners during the closing ceremony with a presentation to the senior management of PALFINGER.