PTF Heavy Duty

Imperial Metric
Weight Capacity Up to 2494.8 kg
Platform Size Up to 1574.8 mm x 2184.4 mm
Bed Height Up to 1422.4 mm

The new PALFINGER PTF liftgate helps fleet operators in every market segment transport goods and safely reach their destinations on time. Featuring a 62" x 86" heavy-duty aluminum platform, the PTF fits most trucks and trailers with bed heights ranging from 48" to 56" – making it ideal for almost every application.

Self-leveling and power-down functions simplify machine operation and help operators focus on the job – regardless of terrain. With torsion assist folding and electro-hydraulic stowage, the operation is effortless. Plus, with the platform stowed under the truck, you are forklift and dock-ready for maximum efficiency.

As the industry innovator in operations and safety, our guiding principle is to make you more successful with the help of advanced technologies, market experience, technical skills, nationwide service support and committed employees.

You Asked For It—So We Delivered

The new PTF liftgate takes PALFINGER's already proven design into the heavy-duty application. Offering both 50 and 55 models, the PTF is the perfect complement to a truck or trailer for your heavy-duty needs.

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Designed for Ease of Use

Heavy-duty torsion assist on both the main and tip sections helps your drivers operate the liftgate with little effort.  The large 62x86 aluminum platform folds and unfolds with ease. 

Loaded With Standard Features

The PTF comes loaded with features for the heavy-duty application. Hydraulic power down, three-piece DOT rear impact guard, dual spring-loaded cart stops, toggle switch with complimentary two-button hand-held controls, and dual hydraulic cylinder locks, to name a few.

Galvanized Steel Protection

All steel components undergo an 8-step hot dip galvanizing process to protect your liftgate for years of hard use. 


Standardized dimensions and shared parts design between models means that your shop and our nationwide parts distribution can quickly assist you if you’re down.

3 year warranty

When you choose PALFINGER, you get more than advanced technology. You partner with a trusted brand that’s committed to building your business. Our PTF liftgates offer a 3-Year Warranty on the pump and motor, cylinders, hardware, control system and hydraulics—giving you the peace of mind you need to focus on the job ahead.


Corrosion Protection

Rubber boots on the cylinders, zinc-coated hardware and galvanized finish on the PTF all come standard.  The rubber boots help protect cylinder shafts from damage caused by road debris. The zinc hardware and galvanized coating protect your liftgate even in the most harsh climates. 

Large Aluminum Platform

The 62x86 aluminum platform is one of the largest in the market.  Plus with our standard feature of dual spring-loaded cart stops you’ll find comfort in a safer lifting operation. 



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