Building materials HANDLING

Wherever there is an involvement of short-distance movement or within the confines of a building projects operators use material handling equipment to Load, Unload, erect, place and transport various goods in variety from point to multipoint. 

Whilst we categorize building materials handling into 3 types, we focus on the bricks application. 

·         Brick/Blocks: Brick Handling Application 

·         Precast/Pre-fab: Heavy-Lift Application

·         Scaffoldings, Shuttering plates, Jumbo Bags, Marble Slabs, Piling Cage etc: General Logistics Application

Brick market segment is driven by rising urbanization, increase in demand for residential, commercial and construction activities to develop an existing facility. PALFINGER knuckle boom cranes offer a versatile, safe and efficient way of handling these building materials.

Especially in India, we introduced our brick cranes as a superior choice over pick and carry and manual loading. Our brick loader cranes enable safer operation and minimal damage to the materials transported.


Recommended models for the brick business


Full lifting power of fly-jib available when crane’s extension booms are not fully extended.


  Inner hoses (TEC - Series)

Hoses are routed inside the extention boom system, preventing any accidental damage from entangled tree brunches during the cutting and loading process.



  Additional hoses

On extension booms (Code 4) this enables greater functionality on Equipment attached like rotary grabs etc.

J04 for additional hose Equipment on Fly -Jib for use of Equipment attached like grapple saw



HS1/HS2 - Slewing limitations to ensure safety while working on roads



Brick Stack Grapple

Brick Stack Grapple

  • Suitable for brick factories
  • Able to stack bricks neatly and efficiently onto trucks
  • Minimize damage due to precision handling
Barrier Lifter

Barrier Lifter

  • Handling of Precast
  • Able to pack precast materials neatly and efficiently onto trucks
  • Enhanced safety due to stability of crane operations
Hook Application

Hook Application

  • Handling of general materials
  • Greater visibility via top seat and remote control
  • Able to send materials to top of construction or in between floors

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Building materials handling - bricks segment

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