PALFINGER Loader Cranes

Power Link Plus

More Power on the Hook

Product Features

The PALFINGER Power Link Plus system is a double linkage system with a linkage on the knuckle boom and a linkage between the main boom and crane column. With the 15 degree reverse linkage system, reaching through low door openings or working inside buildings is no problem.

How it works

Without a double linkage system, the distance between the bolts and cylinder pivot point changes during the motion sequence. Thereby, the crane can lose up to 70% of its power. With Power Link Plus, this distance stays always constant. Therefore, a constant lifting moment is achieved, independently of the boom position.


More Efficiency in Use

  • The maximum load can be raised vertically. This way greater outreach is achieved with maximum load. (Load curves run vertically on the payload charts)
  • The crane can lift the maximum load even when main boom and knuckle boom are one line
  • Compact transport size through parallel folding up of the boom system

A great Variety of Applications

  • Larger operating radius (up to more than 180 degrees)
  • Maximum load can be lifted even with main boom fully erected (this is the weakest position for non linkage cranes)
  • Heavy and bulky loads can be brought close to the column


  • Easier crane operation due to constant speed during the whole movement