Smart class

P 240 AXE-E Smart Plus

Access Platform

P 240 AXE-E Smart Plus


Compact and agile on the road and during positioning, maximum versatility and safety in elevated positions

  • Lightweight and compact double articulated aerial platform for work in tight spaces, mounted on a 3.5 t truck. The double pantograph unit guarantees great versatility and the ability to move over in elevated positions.
  • Multifunction electric controls for greater precision, speed, and manoeuvring comfort
  • Vertical stabilisation with frontwards extending outriggers which compensate for uneven and sloping ground
  • Platform with three stabilisation options for all working conditions:
  1. Within the outer vehicle limits: for maximum compactness overall within small spaces
  2. With front crossmembers extended: for maximum performance when working in elevated positions
  3. Partial stabilisation: for maximum performance with minimum overall dimensions.


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