PKR cranes

PKR 290

PKR 290


Distinctive, with their upward-folding articulated arms, and indispensable when peak performance is required in the overhead line area; whether working with load hooks, winches, work baskets, or other additional equipment - the denser the tangle of contact wires, suspension ropes, and guy wires, and the greater the number of overhead obstacles, the greater the efficiency and cost-effectiveness achieved with PKR cranes. Gone are the days when interfering system components had to be dismantled first to clear the work site for crane operations!

  • Optimal lifting forces in all arm positions thanks to the Railway Power Link System
  • PLd-compliant control system according to EN13849
  • Secure data transmission according to the CANopen Safety Protocol
  • Combined operation of more units mounted on the same vehicle
  • Safe operation through lateral and vertical movement limiters according to EN 14033
  • Versatile range of applications due to a large pool of crane attachments
  • Efficient and fast due to continuous slewing gear
  • High user-friendliness through radio remote control
  • More comfort and safety through soft stop


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