Smart Class

P 240 AXE-E Smart Plus

P 240 AXE-E Smart Plus

Access Platform
Working Height 22.9 M
Basket Load 250 KG
Side Reach 11.6


Compact and agile on the road and during positioning, maximum versatility and safety in elevated positions

  • Lightweight and compact double articulated aerial platform for work in tight spaces, mounted on a 3.5 t truck. The double pantograph unit guarantees great versatility and the ability to move over in elevated positions.
  • Multifunction electric controls for greater precision, speed, and manoeuvring comfort
  • Vertical stabilisation with frontwards extending outriggers which compensate for uneven and sloping ground
  • Platform with three stabilisation options for all working conditions:
  1. Within the outer vehicle limits: for maximum compactness overall within small spaces
  2. With front crossmembers extended: for maximum performance when working in elevated positions
  3. Partial stabilisation: for maximum performance with minimum overall dimensions.



The automatic stabilization is a brand-new feature that allows the operator to set-up the access platform quickly and easily at the desired work place with automatic levelling. This can be done via the console installed on the side of the vehicle or directly from the control panel in the basket.

Before using the automatic stabilization, the operator decides whether to extend both outrigger arms to required position. The automatic stabilization cycle continues until two conditions are satisfied: The measured inclination of the frame fits with the set value in the inclinometer and both axes are not any longer in contact with the ground. After that, the process stops automatically, and safe work can begin.


With this feature, road inclinations can be easily and safely compensated. Longitudinally uphill 3° (~ 5%), longitudinally downhill around 4.5° (~ 8%) and crosswise around 3° (5%). If the vehicle is approaching tilt limits, both lengthway and crossway function are automatically being blocked.



P 240 AXE-E Smart Plus

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