• New digitalization programme
  • World premiere: first PALFINGER PCC 115.002 crawler crane
  • World premiere: TEC series now includes new models in the 30–40 metre-tonne class
  • EPSILON Q17Z103TR prototype for container and recycling usage
  • New digital boom tip controller for timber loader cranes: Smart Control
  • First electrically operated PALFINGER access platform: P 370 KSE
  • Hookloader and skiploader:
    • New equipment variants SLD/TEC
    • PH T 20 TEC 5 with innovative PAD-Touch cab controller
    • New PALFINGER skiploader: PS T 14 TEC 3
  • Truck-mounted forklift: technical update and facelift for F3 PX series
  • Innovative complete solutions: PALFINGER Mounting Competence Center and PALFINGER Equipment
  • Tail lifts: new vertical lift V 500 LQ and next generation of standard platform MBB C 750 S

New digitalization programme

As a driving force behind transformation and innovation, PALFINGER is helping to shape the future. The primary focus here is on how PALFINGER solutions can help to make everyday working life easier. This is why PALFINGER thinks in terms of solutions that enhance comfort, increase efficiency and contribute to greater safety. In the new digitalization programme, therefore, PALFINGER pools its digital expertise, products and services with the goal of further optimising customer benefits in all areas.

PALFINGER stands for new approaches, innovative product solutions and expert service. This is why at the IAA 2018, a special area will for the first time ever be dedicated to digitalization, innovation and service: in a space covering 150 m2, visitors will have the opportunity to discover new digital features such as the PALFINGER telematics solutions. With the aid of virtual reality technology, visitors not only can see the PALFINGER innovations but are also invited to experience the innovative world of PALFINGER for themselves. They can use VR simulators to drive and test the latest PALFINGER products such as the PCC crawler crane, the new heavy-duty crane PK 135.002 TEC 7 as well as the latest PALFINGER access platforms.

The service team will occupy a dedicated area, symbolising the importance that PALFINGER has always placed on service. While the focus will be on newly developed service tools, the spare parts division and the service network will also be showcased.

PALFINGER will have a total of two trade fair booths and more than 20 mountings covering a total surface area of 1,720 m2. The comprehensive product range on display will also feature an impressive world premiere: the first PCC Crawler Crane from PALFINGER. The trade fair visitors will also be the first to marvel at the prototype of the first EPSILON Triple-Z crane from the Next Epsolution series. This has been specially designed for container and recycling usage. The new Smart Control, a digital boom tip controller for timber loader cranes, will also be unveiled.

PALFINGER is set to launch further models from the TEC series in 2019. The PK 37.002 TEC 7 and PK 35.002 TEC 5 are celebrating their premiere at this year's IAA. Just like all models from the TEC series, the cranes feature impressive and innovative assistance systems and a diverse range of equipment variants. The latest heavy-duty crane – the PK 135.002 TEC 7 – will also be unveiled to the trade fair visitors. In addition, the hookloader PH T 20 TEC 5 and the new premium model among the skiploaders, the PS T 14 TEC 3, will be showcased at this year's IAA, as will the first electrical access platform from PALFINGER – the P 370 KSE.

World premiere: first PALFINGER PCC 115.002 crawler crane

PALFINGER will showcase a world premiere at the IAA in Hanover in the form of the PCC. This pioneering product is a highly innovative, modular system solution and a welcome addition to the company’s comprehensive product portfolio. The crawler crane has been developed for a wide range of applications. The three modules – crawler, crane and counterweight – can be separated for transportation purposes and for when the crane has to pass through tight spots. The crawler and crane can also be used separately. Depending on the situation, the crane module can be operated on stabilisers without the crawler or be mounted on a lorry. The new PALFINGER crawler crane can be used in an impressively wide range of applications. For users, this means maximum flexibility with maximum performance. The crane offers outstanding all-terrain mobility, has a compact design and is highly adaptable. Whether on impassable terrain, in urban areas, on large construction sites or in confined industrial or indoor environments, the crane is powerful and flexible and can rise to any challenge. This all-rounder is available in the variants PCC 57.002, PCC 71.002 and PCC 115.002.

World premiere: presentation of two new models from the TEC series – the PK 37.002 TEC 7 and PK 35.002 TEC 5

PALFINGER will be unveiling two further innovations from the TEC series: the PK 37.002 TEC 7, which features a continuous slewing system, is the new flagship of this model series and is designed as the successor to the highly successful PK 34002-SH. It offers all the advantages of a heavy-duty crane in a medium metre-tonne class. The TEC 7 equipment line means that all available PALFINGER comfort and assistance systems designed to make life easier for crane operators can be used. The PK 35.002 TEC 5, which is equipped with a toothed rack slewing system, will also be presented at the IAA. Just like all TEC cranes, these two models are also based on the P-profile, which ensures an extremely powerful boom system despite its low dead weight.

In the heavy-duty crane segment, PALFINGER is expanding its comprehensive product portfolio to include the PK 135.002 TEC 7. This crane is specially designed to lift heavy loads and has an extremely long reach, but still offers payload reserves on the lorry. Its diverse range of applications includes everything from heavy-duty jobs through to intricate installation work. The PK 135.002 TEC 7 offers an outstanding ratio of lifting capacity to dead weight. Another highlight is the new electronic joystick controller for the loader crane, which will be presented on the PK 22.001L TEC 7.

EPSILON Q17Z103TR prototype for container and recycling usage

The EPSILON Q17Z103TR is the first Triple-Z crane from the Next Epsolution series. The prototype of this series will be unveiled at IAA Commercial Vehicles in Hanover. Specially designed for container and recycling usage, it has a vastly increased reach of 10.3 m and is an impressive 200 kg lighter overall. One particular innovation of the Triple-Z crane is the completely internal hose guide, leading from the tip to the crane base.

New digital boom tip controller: Smart Control

The new digital boom tip controller for timber loader cranes – Smart Control – makes it even easier and more intuitive to operate cranes. Crane operators no longer have to control every cylinder individually – thanks to the electronic assistance system, operators can focus specifically on the boom tip. This places less of a physical load overall on operators, which, in turn, helps to prevent accidents and significantly reduce crane training times. Smart Control is the only system on the market to feature an adaptive gripper tip controller. When objects are lifted, the gripper is also raised automatically so that it does not come into contact with the ground when it closes. The integrated electronic limit position damper helps to reduce wear on the main components.

First electrically operated PALFINGER access platform: P 370 KSE

The first electrically operated access platform from PALFINGER will be a further highlight at the IAA. The P 370 KSE is a PALFINGER Premium class product. It is quiet, efficient and emissions-free, making it ideal for night-time and indoor work as well as for use on construction sites in urban areas. The new components such as the electric motors with hydraulic pumps, battery system with an integrated charging system and intelligent energy management system form the heart of the new electrically powered access platform. The P 370 KSE combines a diesel drive system with an electric drive system, which means that it offers the performance and service life of a diesel engine at low operating costs.

The P 200 AXE will also be exhibited. It is compact and manoeuvrable and offers exceptional product efficiency and advanced hydraulic technology. For jobs performed at a height, the access platform can be controlled with impressive precision and can reach a maximum working height of 20 m.

Hookloader and skiploader: new SLD/TEC equipment variants

PALFINGER is expanding its range of hookloaders and skiploaders. In the future, customers will be able to choose between the TEC and SLD equipment lines. The TEC models will be revamped and fitted with state-of-the-art innovations. New functions will boost the performance of the hookloaders and skiploaders. The SLD equipment line offers exceptional value for money.

PH T 20 TEC 5 with innovative PAD-Touch cab controller

In the hookloader product family, the PH T 20 TEC 5 is the first telescopic model to be available in the TEC version. A special highlight is the new PAD-Touch controller, which combines the easy, familiar handling of a joystick controller with the additional functions and innovations of a touchscreen. The load-moving functions are controlled via a new and highly compact joystick terminal, while all additional functions are controlled via the touchscreen. The touchscreen combined with the optional rear camera ensure an even better view of the working area. In addition to the standard functions such as “SoftStop”, “Bi-Speed” and the semi-automatic functions, the new PH T20 TEC 5 also offers the fast lowering function. The new subframe features new, vehicle-specific mounting kits making it easier to mount the hookloader onto the carrier vehicle. It also means that customer-specific changes can be made without any significant mounting work.

New PALFINGER skiploader: PS T 14 TEC 3

The new PS T 14 TEC 3 is the premium model among the skiploaders. This new model has a lifting capacity of 14 tonnes and so is designed for use on 4x2 chassis. A version with a lifting capacity of 18 tonnes will soon be available for 6x4 and 6x2 chassis. The skiploader's compact design makes it ideal for work in confined urban areas. The container’s hydraulic platform locking system, which is available in three different versions, ensures maximum safety during transportation. The PS T14 TEC 3 is fitted with a radio remote control as standard and can be modified to meet different customer requirements with various ordering options. The new model can also be fitted with the automatic container cover system PALCOVER to provide additional safety and comfort.

Truck-mounted forklift: technical update and facelift for F3 PX series

The popular PX series of the all-terrain F3 series has received a facelift and a technical upgrade: the new “cats eye” design has a more modern appearance, while the technical improvements serve to increase quality and reliability. Particular attention has been paid to increasing corrosion resistance. In addition, the new seat lock ensures even more safety during transportation. The tried-and-tested re-arranged ground control has also been adopted for the F3 PX series. This allows operators to work with even greater precision and offers enhanced comfort during work. At the IAA, the new F3 253 PX will be presented together with the "BoxMounted" truck-mounted forklift BM 214. Maximum flexibility and reliability during work and maximum driving stability of the carrier vehicle on the road are the key benefits of the PALFINGER BM. Its technology is impressive at all levels, makes jobs safer and is a dependable partner in everyday work thanks to its longevity.

Innovative complete solutions: PALFINGER Mounting Competence Center and PALFINGER Equipment

Complete solutions arise out of the combination of crane, vehicle, mounting and equipment. The entire service range of the PALFINGER Mounting Competence Centre will therefore also be showcased at the IAA. Together with PALFINGER Equipment, innovative complete vehicles optimized in line with customer requirements will be unveiled. In addition to factory mounting, the comprehensive portfolio of tested mounting components as well as the practical mounting solutions such as front stabiliser construction kits, developed in close cooperation with the lorry manufacturers, will also be on display. The main innovations in the equipment on the boom tip include the new multi-functional adapter (MFA) and the slewable workman basket. The main objectives in the development of the MFA were to ensure outstanding ergonomics and efficiency during tool changeovers. The reach of the TEC cranes is increased by up to 5.5 m thanks to the new, winch-friendly mechanical JIB. The new slewable workman basket offers innovative technology and maximum safety for operators. PALFINGER is the only supplier to provide a complete system comprising the crane and workman basket in compliance with standard EN 280.

Tail lifts: new vertical lift V 500 LQ and next generation of standard platform MBB C 750 S

In the PALFINGER TAIL LIFTS & PASSENGER LIFTS category, visitors to IAA 2018 will have the opportunity to see a range of innovations in the 500–2,000 kg lifting capacity range. One completely new development is the vertical lift V 500 LQ. With a lifting capacity of 500 kg, this model is the lightest version of a new series of vertical lifts (payload of 500–1,000 kg). The tail lift is characterised by an aluminium platform offering a range of options and highly maintenance-friendly support columns. In the 750 kg payload range, the next generation of the four-cylinder standard platform – the MBB C 750 S – will be showcased. Specially developed for light-duty commercial vehicles with a box-type body, it offers a high level of modularity, which makes it highly flexible and perfect for different vehicle types. The two lateral stand boxes instead of a continuous stand tube are a special feature.

PALFINGER main stand: outdoor exhibition area, K58
PALFINGER Tail Lifts: H26 D16