P 370 KS: Working on holy turf


Service work on high video walls not only requires a competent team, but also a compact access platform that has a long outreach, as well as the required maneuverability and load capacity. The P 370 KS from PALFINGER meets these requirements perfectly and was therefore successfully used by the company Prangl at the Allianz Stadium in Vienna.

For some, soccer is just a sport. For others however, it is a kind of religion, where the stadium's turf is almost a sanctuary. This is also the case at the Allianz Stadium of the soccer club SK Rapid Wien. In their stadium it is strictly forbidden to walk on the "sacred" turf. And of course, driving on or over it with heavy machinery is also forbidden, which is however indispensable for efficient maintenance of their video walls.

Preparation is half the battle 
Before the service work on the video walls could begin, access platform operator Johann Bruckner from the company Prangl had to consider in advance, which platform he could use to do the job most efficiently: "For this job, I deliberately chose a P 370 KS from PALFINGER. It is ideally suited for this job, as it is very compact due to its short wheelbase, has a high workload and at the same time the required outreach." The company Prangl is not only the ideal partner in carrying out special and heavy load transports, but they also rent out numerous mobile cranes and working platforms. 

Top model of the premium class 
In addition to the excellent flexibility and compactness of the P 370 KS, the maximum working height of up to 37 meters and the modern counter slewing system, which is otherwise only used on the KS series, are also convincing. Johann Bruckner benefited from the additional advantages for the first time when entering the Allianz Stadium in a narrow space, as the access platform has a width of only 2.49 meters, making maneuvering much easier for him. Once at the work site, he positioned the stabilizers on each side separately due to the tight space conditions - this provided additional safety because he always had the stabilizers in view when setting up. If you have more space available, you can also use the automated positioning system of the P 370 KS.  

Higher. Further. Heavier. 
After setting up, the advantages of the counter slewing system came into play for the first time. This system allows the platform to be turned within the mirror width of the vehicle, which was essential because of the nearby stands. The 2-metre-wide workman basket was then maneuvered with ease in the direction of the video wall at around 22 meters. The robust aluminum basket made the job easier, as the max. 500 kg basket load meant that the tools and any necessary replacement material could be carried comfortably. If more extensive work has to be done, the PALFINGER Powerlift system can be optionally installed on the workman basket. This system consists of two load cross beams and two extendable gallows, which allow particularly heavy loads such as windows or advertising signs to be transported directly to the place of use.

Unique maneuverability 
To do the service work on the two video walls most efficiently, the fast and flexible maneuvering of the workman basket is important. Especially in this case, as the walls had to be inspected from both the front and the back. It was particularly helpful that the workman basket has a swivel range of + / - 85° and the working arm has a operating angle of up to 185°. After the defective LED elements of the video wall were replaced, Johann Bruckner quickly returned the P 370 to its starting position using the “Home function” and then set off for the next mission.


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