PK 13.501 SLD 3

Loader Crane

PK 13.501 SLD 3


  • More power in the hook due to Single Link Plus
  • Maximum utilisation of the working range due to HPSC
  • Shorter load cycle times due to High Speed Extention
  • Maximum reliability due to Paltronic


With the PALTRONIC, PALFINGER offers the latest control electronics for the series production crane. Different systems are available depending on the series and the range of functions. The most important safety and comfort functions include such as overload protection and different variations of the stability control system HPSC and High Power Lifting System HPLS.


High Speed Extension

The High Speed Extension is a standard feature on PALFINGER loader cranes. Also referred to as Return Oil Utilization, this feature is a regenerative hydraulic circuit for the extension booms. It speeds up the boom extend and retract functions by up to 30%.

Single Link Plus

The knuckle joint on the crane's knuckle boom improves the crane's lifting power significantly in typical working positions. This knuckle boom, which has been specially developed by PALFINGER and can be angled upwards, also stands out by virtue of excellent movement geometry. Difficult crane jobs can be performed with precision even in the tightest spaces.



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