PK 12001 L Performance

Loader Crane

The speedy and safe handling of building materials becomes an easy task with the PK 12001 L Performance. In addition to ist enormous lifting capacity and low dead weight, the safety factor is among the strengths of the PK 12001 L Performance. The Crane is easy to control from the specially designed high-seat, and a perfect overview is also ensured as the work is being carried out.

Loading height in close range

Thanks to the very good loading height in close range, the crane can move pallets over the entire loading area.

Return oil utilisation

The high speed of the extension system is impressive. It results from return oil utilisation, which is installed as standard, and the generously dimensioned hydraulic lines. This increases efficiency in all types of applications!

Slewing angle

The slewing angle of 440 degrees enables the maximum radius of action.



PK 12001 L / 15001 L PERFORMANCE

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