Front Stabilizer Kits

Depending on the body type and size of the desired crane model on the vehicle, a front support is an indispensable part of the support concept for work over the driver's cab.

The use of a front stabilizer increases the stability of the vehicle towards the front and enables an increase in crane performance over the cab - and that means more reach and lifting capacity!


The PALFINGER front outrigger kits are available for many models of the manufacturers Scania, MAN, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo. As with the additional outriggers, PALFINGER also offers ideal adaptability to the planned body and the chassis used through various configuration options. If individual supports are to be realized, PALFINGER also offers a wide portfolio of frame and front stabilizer cylinders.

The offer is completed by matching stabilizer pads and the corresponding brackets.

Vorteile der Frontstützenbausätze:

  • Bolting system optimally adapted to the respective truck chassis for reduced material and assembly costs

  • Ideal force transmission due to the specially adapted crossbars and connections to the respective vehicle frames

  • Compact design thanks to the integration of the support cylinder into the crosshead

  • Simple and smooth integration into the stability system HPSC of the crane by means of S-IQ - Plug & Play

  • The kits feature an integrated, adjustable frame overload protection system by means of the pressure transducers included in the kit (or pressure switches if not S-IQ).

  • The specially designed air inlets of the covers ensure good ventilation of the engine when the vehicle is stationary

  • Maximum operating safety due to integrated transport position monitoring