7 - 17 t GVW




The answer to the needs of ease of use and reduced service costs

The specific kinematics of the Synchron category is unique on the market. Its special design simplifies the handling of the containers: the risk of collision with the chassis is eliminated and the risk of material spillage is reduced. Ideal for low experienced operators, it requires the lightest level of service in the product categories and limits costs. This makes it a wise choice for rental companies and applications where driver turnover is high.

Designed to be mounted on 14 t GVW trucks, it can handle up to 14 t containers of different lengths, for loading, unloading, tipping and on trailers.

This PALFINGER hydraulic hooklift is easy to use with only one movement to control and good visibility throughout the handling. Synchronizing the angle of the arm with the rotation of the middle frame, it makes it possible to pick up containers with a reduced loading angle. The sliding of the load in the container is thus limited and its content is preserved. The Synchron's articulated hooklift also facilitates transfer to trailers.

The container is secured by a pneumatic latch as standard. All parts of the Synchron are directly accessible for service, which limits downtime and costs. The low number of wearing parts increases the profitability of the equipment.


  • Easy to operate
  • Very low maintenance costs
  • Unique on the market
  • Low loading angle


Hookloader - SYNCHRON

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Hookloader - PALCOVER

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Hook and Skiploader - Mounting Accessories

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