In times of climate change and constantly rising costs for resources, innovation and pioneering spirit are in demand. Electrically driven vehicles and products are a hot topic at the moment. There are a lot of opportunities, but also a lot of questions. PALFINGER has taken on this topic at an early stage and is constantly developing new product solutions that help customers achieve their goals and be at the early adopters of e-mobility.

Hybrid solutions as a reliable technology of the future.

The transition to pure e-mobility will still take some time. However, as an innovation driver, PALFINGER has been offering hybrid drive solutions since 2012 and is continuously developing them - both as fixed and detachable variants up to the largest available crane model - the PK 200002L-SH.

eDRIVE – the sustainable solution with a great deal of flexibility.

With the innovative PALFINGER eDRIVE system for the loader crane, you can choose between different options to drive the crane.

e-Truck Solutions

PALFINGER is also constantly bringing more sustainable and flexible loader crane solutions to the market for all truck models and manufacturers. Recently, together with ZF Friedrichshafen and Mercedes-Benz Trucks customers, an innovative solution for e-trucks was offered. Together with the PK 250 TEC, an efficient solution will also be shown on an eVOLVO at the bauma in Munich. 

PK 250 TEC

Great performance has never been so small.
The compact and efficient P-profile Loader Crane PK 250 TEC with the latest assistance systems such as Memory Position and Smart Control shows how hard work becomes smart work - and even as a fully electric solution!


Electric solutions are the key to success.
In this video, Andreas Hille, SVP Global Product Line Management / R&D, explains why electric solutions are important for PALFINGER and how we can offer the most efficient solutions in the future.
frequently asked questions



  • The engine of the exhibited vehicle with the PK 250 TEC has a power output of 260 kW (450 hp). The variant with 4 batteries offers a capacity of 265 kWh and, according to the manufacturer's specification from VOLVO, a range of approximately 200 km.

  • The interface is electromechanical.

  • In the VOLVO FE Electric, the pump is driven by an electric motor that is installed in front of the rear axle (on the demo vehicle, it is located on the driver's side).

  • At VOLVO, the PTO is installed as standard on the vehicle.

  • The energy to drive the electric motor for the pump connection comes from the truck batteries via an inverter.
  • The crane is hydraulically controlled..

  • In principle, our standard pumps from the equipment can be installed.

  • From the middle of the year, noise-reduced LS pumps should be available on the market.

  • For this crane and vehicle, a pump with a delivery rate of 90 l/min is used, regardless of the pump manufacturer.