Roof Mounting Has Never Been So Easy



Making the seemingly impossible possible: By using the PALFINGER PK 165.002 TEC 7 loader crane, offering a maximum outreach of 36 meters, Trgometal successfully mounted a complex roof installation onto a university building in Ika, Croatia.

Think of roofs. Think of the space and the countless opportunities they offer. They provide the extra space for installations, that is desperately needed. Yet, they come with certain challenges: The building may be high, entrances might be small, space for operations might be too narrow.

Welcome to Ika, Croatia, where all these difficulties were present at the Faculty of Management in Tourism and Hospitality. The university wanted to install noise barriers into its existing roof structure. A rather small project by its dimension. Yet quite a complex one, as the surrounding area did not offer any stabilization opportunities for regular cranes. The streets leading up to the faculty are narrow, steep and curvy. The building is surrounded by a wall, so the crane could not be placed on the campus. All that in combination with a building height of 20 meters made the challenge an almost impossible one.

Equipment meets local expertise

Only almost, as the local contractor made use of PALFINGER. Assigned to the project was Trgometal, a company specialized in installing metal structures as well as crane rental and transport. The Croatian company was founded in 1981 and consists of a team of more than 40 people. Trgometal is regularly commissioned in demanding mounting and building projects, such as the construction of shopping malls, sports halls and bridges.

In Ika, their on-site operator Mario Čvagić was up for the challenge, “We needed a huge outreach but didn’t have any space to stabilize a bigger crane.  By mounting the PALFINGER PK 165.002 TEC7 loader crane onto a truck, we had the perfect, mobile solution. Thanks to the maximum outreach of 36 meters, we were able to access the roof despite the distance and install the much-needed noise barriers.”

A crane for every challenge

The PALFINGER PK 165.002 TEC 7 crane was equipped with S-HPLS system, Soft Stop system, a hydraulic winch with 90 meters of cable and P-fold system for quick (un)folding of the crane. This special equipment enabled precise and fast load handling on-site. By using an additional fly jib PJ240E and mechanical extension, the regular outreach of the crane of 32 meters was maximized to incredible 36 meters. Because of that, the high roof became accessible. The crane itself was mounted on a Volvo FH 500 8x2 truck, which could be parked on the small street nearby.

“Thanks to the out-of-the-box thinking of PALFINGER, we are able to accomplish complex projects like this. Every project, every site, comes with different obstacles. By combining our expertise with the diverse and professional equipment of PALFINGER, we can handle every situation”, Mario adds confidently.

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