PALFINGER Truck Mounted Forklift


When it comes to residential and commercial drywall deliveries, the PALFINGER GLS truck mounted forklift is a complementary delivery solution to the PALFINGER drywall boom. While the crane delivers drywall through upper story windows, the truck mounted forklift works effortlessly on the ground delivering across rough terrain, around obstacles, and directly into basements and other inaccessible spaces. The truck can be parked remotely, and in less than a minute the forklift is at work delivering drywall to your customers’ requested location. Expect smooth and powerful operations and deliver more drywall materials around the jobsite with PALFINGER’s GLS 55 truck mounted forklift.

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PALFINGER Truck Mounted Forklift Ground Control System
PALFINGER Truck Mounted Forklift Operator Cabin
PALFINGER Truck Mounted Forklift Performance Plus
PALFINGER Truck Mounted Forklift Easy Service Access
PALFINGER Truck Mounted Forklift Swivel Seat
PALFINGER Truck Mounted Forklift Panoramic Visibility
Re·engineered for safety

Ground Control

The PALFINGER Ground Control system allows operators to mount and dismount the forklift from a truck or trailer in less than 60 seconds without having to climb on board.

Re·designed for comfort

Spacious Operator Cabin

PALFINGER truck mounted forklifts feature a spacious ergonomically designed operator cabin designed to reduce vibration and increase operator comfort.

Re·powered for top performance

Performance+ Plus

PALFINGER truck mounted forklifts provide operators with more torque and ground speed, faster hydraulic functions and outstanding performance and handling.

Re·designed for service and maintenance

Easy Service Access

PALFINGER truck mounted forklifts provide easy access to all engine components and service points with a quick release tilt-up hood and hinged rear door.

Re·Engineered for ergonomics

Swivel Seat

The PALFINGER truck mounted forklift operator seat assembly features a swivel seat for ease of entry/exit and improved visibility.

Re·designed for visibility

Panoramic Visibility

PALFINGER's panoramic visibility sets a new standard in operator visibility and safety. An unprecedented forward field of vision makes seeing the fork tips easier.




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