The largest selection of truck mounted cranes

PALFINGER manufacturers the widest range of truck mounted cranes to meet your unique lifting needs. Our innovative crane lineup delivers uncompromising performance and reliability, with models that cover the entire range of working capacities. You can count on smoother, safer, and more efficient crane operations across our entire lineup.
PALFINGER Knuckle Boom Cranes
Knuckle Boom Cranes

PALFINGER offers the most durable knuckle boom cranes in the industry. Our series of technology, solid, high performance, compact, and corner mount cranes include a broad range of customer-oriented models. Our knuckle boom cranes can be paired with a fly-jib, crane forks, workman basket, auger, or grapple for the ultimate versatility.

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PALFINGER Material Handling Cranes
Material Handling Cranes

Built specifically for the North American building materials industry, PALFINGER offers the most durable and service friendly “drywall” style crane in the market. Featuring an unrivaled tare weight for increased payload, PALFINGER material handling cranes provide you with the ability to transport more in each delivery.

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PALFINGER Timber & Refuse Cranes
Timber & Refuse Cranes

PALFINGER is the only manufacturer in North America to offer a complete line of timber and refuse cranes. Our EPSILON loaders are available in A-frame, H-frame with stabilizers, and compact foldable crane configurations to meet your unique needs. Built to maximize efficiency across timber, refuse, rail, off-road, and scrap applications.

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PALFINGER Service Cranes
Service Cranes

PALFINGER service cranes are the industry’s only E-coated telescopic crane. Our complete service crane range features Electric/Hydraulic and Hydraulic models up to 14,000 lbs. capacity. Pair a PALFINGER service crane with one of our PAL Pro mechanics truck crane bodies for the perfect service truck package.

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Eikenhout Building Supplies - PALFINGER Truck Mounted Crane
Michigan CAT - PALFINGER Truck Mounted Crane
Arbor Masters - EPSILON Loaders
Hy-Grade Precast Concrete - PALFINGER Truck Mounted Crane
Hy-Grade Precast Concrete - PALFINGER Truck Mounted Crane

Helping you overcome challenges in the field

“In comparison to my old telescopic boom handler, PALFINGER cranes offer more flexibility and maneuverability. The Continuous Rotation System is a huge advantage because I can easily deliver shingles in tight spaces or when obstacles exist.”  — Erik Brooks, Vice President of Operations | Eikenhout

A strong partner you can count on

"PALFINGER has been instrumental in helping us solve problems with innovative ideas. The products have proven to be durable and hold up through the extremes of the ever-changing climate in Michigan."  — Ken Meerschaert, Eastern Regional Operations Director | Michigan CAT

Superior efficiency and comfort on the job

“Our PALFINGER EPSILON loader provides the capacity, speed and reliability our customers demand, while giving our operators the features, comfort and functionality not found on other loaders.” — Ron Keith | Arbors Masters

Smoother, safer, and more efficient cranes

"This crane is so smooth and precise. With my PALFINGER crane, I am confident that I can accurately set heavy loads without damaging our products. It works great!" — Mark, Crane Operator | Hy-Grade Precast Concrete

Add a competitive advantage to your business

“The payback on the truck was immediate. After taking possession of the PALFINGER crane, our delivery costs lowered significantly.”  — Dominic Girotti, P.Eng, President/Owner | HY-Grade Precast Concrete

Explore PALFINGER cranes in action

Invest in equipment your operator will love too.

Cranes Designed With Your Operator in Mind

"With PALFINGER, I can run multiple functions at once with precision and control. With other cranes, I could not boom out, rotate and lift at the same time without the crane slowing down. PALFINGER cranes are faster and smoother — very impressive machines!" — Jason, Crane Operator | Grand Rapids

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