PRC 60V Hydraulic Rotary Screw Compressor

60 CFM

Mechanics Trucks
Imperial Metric
Air Delivery @ 100 psi 60 CFM
Max System Pressure 150 psi
Weight 160 lb

The PALFINGER PRC 60V compressor model is a hydraulic driven deck mounted rotary screw air compressor built for the modern work truck.  When space is at a premium and weight savings is a priority, rely on the smallest and lightest hydraulic deck mount compressor available at 160 lbs. Our compressor systems are designed to work in the most extreme climate conditions, with built-in protection to operate anywhere you work.   With a CFM range of 60 CFM with 100% duty cycle for continuous air output, you can expect PALFINGER compressors to handle your workload.


How easy? Simply press the on/off button on the digital display box or radio remote controller. The control system will take care of the rest! The display will show the system status and if something isn’t right, it will tell you. When you stop using air for any reason, the compressor goes into Standby Mode. This means essentially it is off, but ready to start up automatically the moment you need air*.

*Assuming proper safety conditions are in place: truck is parked safely and PTO engaged.



Service Truck Solution Range

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