Column Lift

Imperial Metric
Weight Capacity Up to 6600 lbs.
Platform Size Up to 84"x80"
Bed Height Up to 56"

The all new PTV Liftgate stands up to the stress of daily use and helps keep your trucks on the road. The dynamic redesign is based on customer feedback and enhances structure, performance, ease of use, installation, and maintenance. Together with PALFINGER’S world-class service, the PTV Liftgate delivers more uptime with less maintenance, longer service life, and lower cost of ownership—all to lift your business to new heights.

Durable, light-weight construction

The all new PTV Liftgate features a two-piece column design with bolt-on column wrap that stands up against docking and undocking. For maximum damage protection the UHMW impact bumper redirects dock impact force to the frame.

Designed for ease of use

The new design allows walk ramp installation without modification to the traverse assembly and features repositioned bottom stop hooks for better clearance and positive engagement.

E-coat corrosion protection

PALFINGER’S 12 step electrophoretic deposition dip process cleans each steel component and applies primer to the metal surfaces, ensuring complete coverage and automotive grade corrosion protection. Bolt-ons are galvanized and e-coated prior to assembly for maximum protection and rust resistance.

Advanced technology support

The PTV Liftgate is equipped with a control system that includes built-in visible diagnostics that provides the status of your lift and can assist you with quickly diagnosing low voltage, as well as other problems. Other features include built-in cycle counting and a re-settable service counter. The system can utilize today’s telematics technology to provide feedback to fleet management through your truck’s CAN bus system.


Standardized dimensions and a common parts design mean that your shop can quickly assist you if you need repairs.

3 year warranty

When you choose PALFINGER, you get more than advanced technology. You partner with a trusted brand that’s committed to building your business. Our PTV Liftgates offer a 3 Year Warranty on the Pump and Motor, Cylinders, Hardware, Control System and Hydraulics—giving you the peace of mind you need to focus on the job ahead.


Column wrap

Provides superior strength & alignment

The bolt-on column wrap transmits dock impact force directly to the trailer frame instead of deforming the columns. The galvanized finish won’t chip or rust. Plus, proven airgap design provides the ultimate column protection compared to traditional welded wrap column designs.

Column design

Withstands tough conditions

Our stronger column design features two formed pieces that stand up to dock abuse better but without added weight. Space inside columns protects wiring and hydraulics, providing longer service life and ease of maintenance.

Bolt-on bracket design

Simplifies mounting & installation

The improved button and key-hold design allows the gate to more easily be placed on a truck or trailer and eliminates the need for a separate column weldment for a bolt-on application. That means less downtime when a gate needs to be changed out.

Battery box enhancements

Increase reliability & safety

Additional pre-installed and pre-routed components in the battery box deliver more reliability and safety than ever before while reducing installation errors. Safer battery cable routings and relocated circuit breakers provide a safer and neater box assembly. Plus, the addition of identification labels makes for easier troubleshooting.

Hydraulic enhancements

Deliver exceptional durability & a more robust system

The addition of hydraulic hard lines provides more durability compared to hoses and less chance of getting snagged on an obstruction. A protective cover over open and close hoses extends service life, and extra guards for hard lines protect them from damage and keep them out of view.

Aluminum platforms

Deliver increased payload

PALFINGER aluminum platforms come standard with massive galvanized steel side bars, greaseable pivot points and bolted aluminum extrusions.

Standard H/D pump & motor box

Minimize maintenance & downtime

The heavy-duty steel enclosure is shipped complete with hanger brackets, non-corrosive aluminum lid, and all components needed for mounting batteries. Every enclosure is pre-wired with a master shut-off switch and re-settable 175 amp circuit breakers, plus pre-filled with biodegradable multi-temp hydraulic fluid for temperatures from -50°F to 150°F.

Power pack

We've got you covered

PC board is mounted in a heavy-duty hinged rubber enclosure for added protection and easier visibility. A standard back up 3-button remote control with a 20 foot cord for all functions is included in the power pack for fast testing and service, or in emergency situations.



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