Knuckle Boom

PK 55.002 TEC 5

Knuckle Boom Crane

PK 55.002 TEC 5
  • More efficient and faster due to continuous slewing system
  • High user friendliness due to radio remote control
  • More efficiency with fly-jib due to DPS-P
  • Increased comfort and safety due to Soft Stop
  • Additional applications with Power Link Plus
  • Very stiff and light boom system thanks to P-Profile
PALFINGER P-Profile Boom

P-Profile Boom

PALFINGER TEC series cranes feature an industry first, patented tear-drop P-Profile boom that provides increased torsional strength along the entire boom system, including the fly-jib, and is extremely lightweight. The P-Profile benefits operators with less deadweight and more load stability in the boom system.

Low Maintenance Extension System

With the low maintenance extension system, PALFINGER leads the way in service-friendliness. The use of sliding elements made from special synthetic material, together with the highly dependable KTL cataphoretic dip painting, means that the operator no longer needs to grease the boom system.

Continuous Slewing System

The PALFINGER Continuous Slewing Mechanism permits an unrestricted radius of action. The crane is rotated or 'slewed' using a gear box and hydraulic motor instead of a rack and pinion system. All endless slewing mechanisms come as standard with a high quality roller ball bearing.


Power Link Plus

The PALFINGER Power Link Plus system is a double linkage system with a linkage on the knuckle boom and a linkage between the main boom and crane column. With the 15 degree reverse linkage system, reaching through low door openings or working inside buildings is no problem.



PALFINGER has further developed the proved stability system HPSC and offers application oriented additional functions in a modular system. One of the modules of this HPSC-Plus concept is HPSC-Plus LOAD. It reacts to the loading condition of the truck and calculates on the basis of the inclination the maximum load limit suitable for the respective situation.



PK 55.002 TEC 5 | PK 58.002 TEC 7

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