Light / Medium Duty

PCC 57.002

PCC 57.002

Crawler Crane
Imperial Metric
Max. Lifting Torque 381,024 ft lbs
Max. Lifting Power 39,463 lbs
Max. Crane Reach 70.5 FT

The PCC 57.002 is a versatile machine covering your smaller to medium lifting jobs. Its field of application is almost limitless inside factories and industrial halls, in rough terrain, in half-open buildings, and through narrow and low underpasses or doorways. It also can go over a steep, uncompacted section with a slope gradient of up to 28 degrees to the job site.

In full spec. with a detachable crawler, detachable counterweight, detachable fly jib and powerful 22966 ft bs winch it weighs 170,604 ft lbs. The compact crane can be easily transported on any trailer from one job to another. Also, shifting detached in the crawler and crane units is a possible way to bring the flexible machine to the place when the height is too limited.



PCC 57.002 - PCC 115.002

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