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History of ETI

You Need to KNow Where You Came From, To Get to Where You're Going

From the Beginning

In 1989 Jim Miller quit his job with a vision to start his own company, Equipment Technologies, Inc. During this time, he developed the original ETA model lift, designed in three different sizes, 29-, 33- and 37-foot variations. The ETA line was released as a durable, inexpensive, and insulated lift with all standard features to meet prospective buyers' needs. A small group of investors, led by Jim Neuberger, acquired the budding company in 1992 and changed the name to Equipment Technology, LLC (ETI). His son, Chris, joined the endeavor to help develop the company's engineering, manufacturing, information technology, and finance divisions which we now know today.

ETI launched the following models through the 1990s to close the gap in the telecommunications and municipalities industries: ETT 30 IH, ETT 29 SNT, ETT 29 SNV, and ETC 37 IH. Similarly, they introduced the ETO line to provide further insulated options for the growing utility industry. There was an original focus on the Midwest Region where the company resided, but that quickly changed with the new sales manager, Glenn Smith, and the focus shifted to a nationwide target. During this time, ETI also decided to end relationships with other manufacturers to develop the ETI product lines shortly after they dissolved the original dealership and aligned everything under one name.

With the growth, ETI began to focus on larger key customers, Texas Utilities (now known as Oncor), Comcast, and Cox Communications, to name a few. In the next decade, with their growing need, four additional models specifically focused on increasing working height, weight handling, and cost-effectiveness were launched: ETC 35 SNT, ETO MH 40 IH, ETC MH 37 IH, and ETC MH 42 IH. They also pursued a vehicle "Upfit" offering – cable customers were the first target allowing the ability to develop custom can and truck upfits.

In 2007, ETI acquired a small crane manufacturer, Ideal Crane, specializing in 2000- to 6000-pound service cranes. Allowing for an expansion into the oil and gas industry and a new product launch to customers. In 2010, PALFINGER acquired ETI three years later, allowing PALFINGER to expand into the bucket truck/aerial lift industry and allowing ETI to expand into the < 50-foot working height market and increased distribution reach. There were no changes other than a logo update to include "A PALFINGER Company" in the design during this acquisition.

Since the acquisition, they launched seven additional models similar to years prior, focusing on increasing working height and weight handling. They also worked with Mercedes/Sprinter and Cox Communication, developing an aerial installation for the Sprinter van. Additionally, creating a fiber optic controlled, insulated van allowed for a compact design for inner-city work. So much growth has occurred, and with a foot in the export market, there is the ability to shop aerial units worldwide.

In June of 2021, an exciting change took place. ETI officially became One PALFINGER and, from now on, will be rebranded as PALFINGER.

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