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Knuckle boom cranes are game-changers in precast handling, as proven by Ohio-based Quaker City Concrete Products. Their switch to PALFINGER knuckle boom cranes not only streamlined their processes but also significantly improved the efficiency of their daily operations. Together, we help them #reachanything.




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Their Story

Knuckle boom cranes excel in the precast and concrete industry, offering a superb power-to-weight ratio. They are ideal for handling and lifting heavy materials, notably in delivering and positioning heavy precast products like septic tanks, which can weigh up to 18,000 lbs. These cranes are typically rear-mounted on trucks, enabling precise positioning of the tank by allowing the truck to back up close to the installation site. 

Quaker City Concrete Products, a family-owned and operated business with a rich history spanning over 56 years, exemplifies the transformative impact of knuckle boom cranes. Quaker City’s transition from using basic A-frame boom trucks to PALFINGER knuckle boom cranes marks a significant stride in their growth and adaptability. 

The company's roots trace back to the 1960s when it was founded by an individual whose passion for concrete led to the birth of Quaker City Concrete. Sadly, tragedy struck in 1968 when the founder passed away. Thankfully, the founder’s family stepped in and kept the business thriving. 

Plant Manager Jeff Foust recalls the evolution of the business and how he unexpectedly found himself involved, “My in-laws started the company, and I got involved when I got out of service in 1978. We started with just septic tanks and with one straight A-frame. When my son got out of college, we jumped into doing manholes and custom stuff.”  

Over the past 45 years, Jeff has witnessed numerous changes in the industry, particularly in the regulations governing septic systems and the adaptability required for varying job site conditions. Despite these challenges, Quaker City has flourished, adapting to each new development and maintaining its reputation for excellence. 


Now, with a team of 20 employees, Quaker City has diversified its offerings to not just include septic tanks but also a range of other products, such as manholes, catch basins, and aeration systems. The expansion demonstrates the company’s adaptability and commitment to meeting the changing needs of the industry. 

Quaker City’s day-to-day operations involve setting septic tanks and other precast items. Their typical routine involves concrete forming, stripping, and loading products onto trucks for delivery. This meticulous approach ensures that every precast item meets their high standards before it reaches the customer. 

Jeff gives an overview of their daily operations: “Sometimes we'll have a commercial system where different products need to go in the ground, and we might be on the job for two- or three-hours setting products. It's just regular routine, precast operations. You form the concrete, you strip it, and you put it on the truck and ship it out.”  

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Prior to getting PALFINGER knuckle boom cranes, Quaker City relied on an A-frame crane. This older crane was not as maneuverable and lacked the necessary capacity to do the job. They had to move the truck too many times to get the products into the hole. The transition to knuckle boom cranes has addressed these key challenges, enhancing efficiency and maneuverability. 

“If you’re in a muddy situation, when you can back in one time and set the tanks without moving, that makes a big difference. With the old trucks, you might have to move four or five times to the hole. With the knuckle boom crane, you’re just backing in one shot and reach everything,” explains Jeff. 

Currently, Quaker City owns three PALFINGER knuckle boom cranes: PK 53002-SH, PK 50002-EH, and the PK 44002, which was the first one they acquired in 2003. These cranes have drastically improved their operational efficiency, especially in the placement of weighty precast items like septic tanks. The knuckle boom crane’s capability to navigate tight spaces and extend reach beyond than usual highlights their usefulness in different complex job situations. 

“Just being able to pick up a heavier piece of concrete, and it just makes it so much easier with that knuckle boom. It's also the versatility of it. You can come back into a spot and swing that boom any way you want, get under tree limbs and stuff, and you don't have to worry about that. It goes right in. They’re a lot more useful than the old A-frame that we started out with,” says Jeff. 

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The partnership with PALFINGER USA, the distribution and service arm of PALFINGER in North America, has been instrumental in Quaker City's success. PALFINGER USA’s dedication to outstanding service and support, including the provision of readily available parts and responsive customer care, has played a crucial role in maintaining high operational efficiency and minimizing downtime for Quaker City. 

When selecting a knuckle boom crane, Quaker City considers not only the quality and capacity but also the support team and availability of parts. Jeff emphasizes the availability of parts with PALFINGER, noting the quick turnaround times. 

“When we started looking for a knuckle boom, I did a little bit of research and PALFINGER had the parts available. You’re not waiting two or three weeks or a month to get the part; they have it here,” says Jeff. 


Jeff also highlights the reliability and promptness of PALFINGER USA’s service support. He stresses the importance of having a service technician who is responsive and quick to address issues, often resolving problems within the same day or the next. This efficiency is crucial for Quaker City as it minimizes operational interruptions. 

“One of the reasons I chose them is that they're close to home, and right now, they have an outside service tech that's phenomenal. If I call him, say, I got a problem, he comes right here, and he fixes a problem, and we're usually back up on the road, you know, the same day, if not the next day,” adds Jeff. 

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The use of knuckle boom cranes in Quaker City's operations has transformed their approach to concrete handling, streamlining the lifting and placement of precast products. The agility and precision of these cranes ensure that heavy materials are managed efficiently, leading to improved workplace productivity and customer satisfaction.  

“Right now we have three PALFINGER knuckle booms. They set the septic tanks in the ground and the manholes that are all heavy duty to pick up 16,000 pounds if we need to do that. Quite versatile, very handy, a lot more useful than the old A-frame that we started out with.”

—Jeff Foust, Plant Manager


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