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Located in Moorestown, New Jersey, Junk Rescue depends on their PALFINGER equipment to keep their customers happy. Operating in many industries, such as junk removal, Junk Rescue is a premium service provider offering ‘same day’ or ‘next day’ junk removal. In this industry, the focus is on ‘on demand’ service, and Junk Rescue has worked tirelessly since 2016 to ensure their customers stay worry-free when removing their junk.

Jake Still, CEO and Co-Founder, has been with the company since the beginning in 2016. With 2 years of prior industry experience, a marketing degree, and experience in sales, HR & logistics, Jake and his partner quickly became market leaders in the industry. Junk Rescue proudly employs over 35 people, including full time, part time and college employees. Kevin Ek, Super Captain & Operator, has been with the company for two years. As a Super Captain, Ek is responsible for overseeing many of the routes and employees on the job. When asked about the PALFINGER hooklift, he responded, “I really love it. It helps with the physically demanding jobs and makes our lives easier since the hooklift does all of the heavy lifting.”

With close partnerships with Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, Salvation Army, Home Sweet Home, Purple Heat, Green Drop, etc., Junk Rescue stands true to their goal of reusing and/or repurposing every item they collect. After donating all useable items to charities, they keep certain items to repurpose. In fact, everything in Junk Rescue’s head office is created from junk that originated from a job site! “As a team, we recycle items and source separate, whether its concrete, paper, cardboard, wood, or yard debris. This is the ultimate different between us and other dump services—we are hands on with everything” expressed Jake. Although, Junk Rescue handles commercial junk removal, most jobs they tackle are residential. “We work on full house clean outs, single jobs, demolitions, renovations, and specialty jobs, such as removing a piano. Our normal job site is about half a truck, which is equivalent to 9 yards.” When asked how many jobs they do a day, Jake replied, “we usually bring one truck to the jobsite. One route would involve 3-7 jobs per day, but this depends on the job and how much junk there needs to be removed. For example, a hoarding job would be approximately four trucks and eight employees.”

Junk Rescue bought their first PALFINGER PHT 12L hooklift in January 2017. “We were hooked on the machine and absolutely loved it. It fully exceeded our expectations and we continue to buy more and more.” Jake continued, “since 2017, we have purchased a total of 7 PALFINGER hooklifts.” The PHT 12L offers key solutions with its many features that are needed on the jobsite. Speed, convenience, and operator friendliness are amongst the many benefits why Junk Rescue continues to use and purchase the unit. Jake further explained, “everything we do is about speed and convenience. After extensive research and meeting PALFINGER employees, we decided we needed the hooklift to improve our fleet.” Although the performance of the PHT 12L hooklift is critical for Junk Rescue, the after sales support is equally as important. Jake comments, “the PALFINGER employees have been outstanding to work with and have an immense amount of knowledge within the industry. With the continued support from the PALFINGER team, we expect to purchase more units in the future to improve our fleet.” With Junk Rescue working around the clock for their customers, they don’t have time for downtime. With the PALFINGER PHT 12L hooklift, they get the job done and keep their customers happy.

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