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4 Foolproof Ways to Spec Your Next Mechanics Truck



Mechanics trucks are a necessity as the job sites and work requirements are continuously adapting to new challenges. They offer mobile repair and a portable workstation on these large job sites. Mechanics trucks are truly unlimited in the field, and you can customize the options from the compressor, welder, etc. and the layout of the cabinets and drawers. You can configure them to what makes the most sense for your business. Depending on your needs and duration of use, hydraulic or electric crane options are available to best fit your use case.


The body of the mechanics truck is where a lot of the day-to-day happens. The mechanic must have many tools available at any given moment. Each will typically have their truck outfitted in a particular way, and they will need all the tools at their disposal to fix whatever jobs is at hand. This is where customization comes into play – as there are numerous drawer and cabinet options, this is one of the areas where PALFINGER shines. The body has been designed with the mechanic in mind, and the feedback received has been implemented to create an optimal body with options for the mechanic. While this is important, the particular size of the body needs to be the correct match for the specified application. For example, crane bodies require reinforcement in specific areas of the body to ensure that they can allow for the crane's lifting capacity. This is where the excellent team of salesmen comes in – based on your requirements and the specific industries you are in, they will curate a tailored list of options and what will be the best fit for you. Our sales team is very knowledgeable and is, most importantly, interested in getting you the correct solution to match your specific needs.


Using a crane with a mechanics truck is key; you may be using it to lift out and replace an engine or for numerous other uses, but this makes a mechanics truck different from a service truck. It offers the abilities you might see in a shop but in a mobile environment. The flexibility of a mobile solution is key when you cannot transport a tractor, for example, into the shop. While many options are available, these will help determine what additional requirements you may have while spec'ing your truck.

Electric vs. Hydraulic

Depending on your duration of use, an electric crane might be an option for you. However, if you use the crane regularly with heavy use, a fully hydraulic-powered crane will be the better fit, as the electric crane is designed for intermittent, light-duty use. Additionally, if you are lifting larger loads consistently exceeding 6000 lbs., you will need to look at the hydraulic options, as electric-powered cranes are will not accommodate your needs.


Based on your requirements from the crane and the body, this will narrow down the chassis options you have to choose from. Our sales team can help you decide which chassis will best fit your needs and be a lasting investment. Of course, there are many additional questions outside this tool regarding the engine type, transmission, specific accessories, tool placement, drivetrain, etc. Still, this tool should help you narrow your scope and know what you might be looking for and some options to explore before speaking with the sales team.

We have numerous options to fit your needs. Check out our full line of mechanics trucks that can handle the unique needs of your industry.

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