Personnel Basket

Service Crane Accessory

Mechanics Trucks
Imperial Metric
Load Capacity 136 kg
Working Height 10.1-11.3 m
Crane Model Min 2268 kg

An industry first developed by PALFINGER, our Personnel Basket is an innovative and compact aerial lift solution designed for PALFINGER Service Cranes.  Following a quick and easy set-up process, simply attach to the crane using the Quick Connect crane adaptor and you're ready to work up to 37'.

When the job is done, our Personnel Basket is the only one designed to collapse and store into the compact storage box mounted onto the body for transport.

Thanks to its low weight, the Personnel Basket requires only a 5,000 lbs. service crane and class 4 truck.

PALFINGER Personnel Basket
Quick & Easy Set Up

From completely stowed to work ready in minutes

Quickly set up and attach the Personnel Basket to a PALFINGER Service Crane for easy aerial access on the job site.

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Personnel Basket Brochure

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Service Truck Solution Range

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