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Pistol Grip Remote Control

Simplify Operation. Improve Safety. Maximize Uptime.

The PALFINGER Pistol Grip remote control enables operators to operate all crane functions and offers single-handed operation in a rugged, weatherproof handset design.

This remote can be attached to any metal surface, adding the convenience of mounting it right on the truck eliminating the risk of losing the remote while not in use.




  1. Crane stops working
  2. Operator walks back and forth to turn on vehicle engine or compressor
  3. Harsh working environments can damage sensitive equipment
  4. Short battery life
  5. Transmitter and receiver stop communicating
  6. Misplacing unit while not using
Pistol Grip Remote and Cable FEATURE ENABLED


  1. Overload status displayed on screen
  2. Integrated switches on remote to turn equipment on/of
  3. Reinforced polymer housing with IP67 seals and switches; operating range between -4°F to 131°F
  4. Four (4) AA replaceable batteries and 10min auto-power down from inactivity
  5. Powered umbilical / tether connection standard
  6. Four (4) handle-embedded magnets
Pistol Grip Remote Cable BENEFIT


  1. Operator immediately sees which function is overloaded to mitigate the problem
  2. No more wasted time going to the vehicle cab or crane compartment
  3. Reduced downtime and remote failures due to environmental conditions
  4. 175 hr+ working time and easy/quick battery change out
  5. Allows direct connection to base unit
  6. Operator can stick remote to any steel/ferrous surface near work sight


    Color display shows current crane information and overload status at a glance
  • Easy to use crane function toggle switches with proportional trigger
  • Rugged weatherproof Pistol Grip enclosure allows the unit to operate worry free in harsh weather conditions
  • Provides a robust link with SmaRT base units in congested radio environments
  • Four handle-embedded magnets allow the remote to be securely attached to ferrous surfaces, helping prevent misplacing the unit while not in use
  • Four status/diagnostic LEDs
  • Powered by four AA cell batteries
  • Approximate battery life: 175 to 200 hours
  • Operating temperature: –4° F to 131° F (–20° C to 55° C)
  • Glove-accessible design
  • Auxiliary umbilical connection standard
PAL Pro Mechanics Truck

Standard functions

• Engine start/stop
• High idle
• Compressor on/off
• Crane boom tip lights
• Horn
• All crane functions

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Pistol Grip Remote Control

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