Knuckle Boom

PK 21.501 SLD 1

Knuckle Boom Crane

PK 21.501 SLD 1
Imperial Metric
Max Lifting Moment 20.9 MT
Max Lifting Capacity 6,200 KG
Max Hydraulic Outreach 14.9 M
  • Additional applications with Single Link Plus
  • Shorter load cycle times due to High Speed extension
  • Perfect appearance and the highest value retention due to coating technology

Single Link Plus

The knuckle joint on the crane's knuckle boom improves lifting power significantly in typical working positions. Developed by PALFINGER, this knuckle boom can be angled upwards providing excellent movement geometry. Difficult crane jobs can be performed with precision even in the tightest spaces.



PK 21.501 SLD 1 | PK 24.001 SLD 5 | PK 21.501 SLD 3

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