PK 40001EL Performance

PK 40001EL Performance

Loader Crane
At joinery, roofing and assembly firms and in many other sectors where long arm lengths and rapid movements are required the PK 40001 EL Performance can handle any job efficiently and cost effectively. An endless slewing mechanism with two slewing gears and the POWER LINK PLUS endow the crane with maximum mobility. The winch with a lifting capacity of up to 3.5 tonnes impresses with its high working speed.

Continuous Slewing System

The PALFINGER Continuous Slewing Mechanism permits an unrestricted radius of action. The crane is rotated or 'slewed' using a gear box and hydraulic motor instead of a rack and pinion system. All endless slewing mechanisms come as standard with a high quality roller ball bearing.


High Speed Extension

The High Speed Extension is a standard feature on PALFINGER loader cranes. Also referred to as Return Oil Utilization, this feature is a regenerative hydraulic circuit for the extension booms. It speeds up the boom extend and retract functions by up to 30%.




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