PALFINGER Loader Cranes

SRC - Synchronized Rope Control

More Comfort in Rope Winch Operation

Product Feature

The SRC (Synchronised Rope Control) system maintains a constant distance between the pulley head and the hook block. This advantage is particularly valuable in terms of ease of use for the operator, and it also noticeably improves the efficiency of any operation.


How It Works

Sensors in the pulley head detect the movement and forward the signals directly to the Paltronic. If the SRC is activated, it automatically keeps the distance between the pulley head and the hook block constant during any crane movements that increase or decrease the rope length. A sensor on the pulley head detects that a rope length decreasing movement is being performed, when the boom is being extended. If the knuckle boom or fly jib is lowered, the SRC also adjusts the rope winch to keep a constant distance between the hook block and the pulley head.


More Efficiency in Use

  • The load attached to the winch can be traversed horizontally at a constant height
  • The load attached to the winch can be traversed at a specific angle
  • The loading cycle is significantly improved


  • The crane driver can focus all attention on the actual crane movements

Safe Crane Operation

  • Particularly for less experienced crane operator, the system offers great assistance when working with the rope winch
  • Avoidance of damage to the rope or load
  • The hook block is prevented from running onto the pulley head

Intelligent Rope Winch Solutions

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