PALFINGER Loader Cranes

HPSC - High Performance Stability Control

Intelligent Stability Control

Product Feature

High Performance Stability Control (HPSC) is a proportional system which recalculates and defines the working range and stability of the crane. Sensors for proportional path measurement are located in the stabilizers, making the positioning fully variable.

How it works

The HPSC system calculates and defines the permissible working range for any stabilizer situation. The position of the stabilizer support is detected by means of cable extension transducers or magnetostrictive position sensors located in the outrigger. Based on an intelligent calculation algorithm developed by PALFINGER, this complex calculation process enables a very accurate approximation to the vehicle’s actual stability based on the crane and vehicle’s real data.


More Efficiency in Use

  • Widest possible working range thanks to intelligent real-time data algorithm
  • Maximum lifting capacity at any point of the stability control curve

A great Variaty of Applications

  • Maximum flexibility in truck-mounted crane use due to variable stabilizer positioning


  • The operator can read off the current status at any time on the situation

Maintenance and Service-Friendliness

  • Easy maintenance using the PALDIAG diagnosis software

Safe Crane Operation

  • An automatic shut-off will occur if outriggers or load are in a compromising situation


HPSC Brochure

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