PALFINGER Loader Cranes


More outreach due to load detection

Product features

PALFINGER has further developed the proved stability system HPSC and offers application oriented additional functions in a modular system. One of the modules of this HPSC-Plus concept is HPSC-Plus LOAD. It reacts to the loading condition of the truck and calculates on the basis of the inclination the maximum load limit suitable for the respective situation.

How it works

In addition to the stability load limit which is defined by HPSC, there is now a second load limit which considers the inclination as a technical indicator for an increase of the stability. HPSC and LOAD complement each other perfectly and ensure that in every situation the best performance of the crane is reached at full stability. Regardless of whether the vehicle is empty, partially loaded or fully loaded, HPSC and LOAD take over the tasks of the stability monitoring automatically where necessary. The operator does not need to switch the LOAD module on or off separately.


More efficiency in use

  • Optimal uilization of the working range depending on the load (empty, partially loaded or fully loaded). The inclination is then used as an additional indicator for the increase of the crane performance.

Operator friendliness

  • The operator does not need to switch the LOAD module on or off separately
  • Current status query directly on the PALcom P7 radio remote control

Safe crane operation

  • No matter if HPSC or LOAD is active. The stability is always calculated automatically by the electronic overload system of the crane


Perfection in Action

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