The Experience Day featured our high-end products such as the new M-Series Epsilon cranes and the TEC 5 Hookloader


PALFINGER Japan K.K. held a customer product show event on 21st November 2020 in partnership with our new sales partner Marumi Machinery which serves both the timber transportation and recycling segment.
We showcased our range of high-end products with the New M-Series Epsilon cranes and TEC 5 Hookloader as highlights for these targeted customer segments.
·      M12Z Forestry Crane with MasterDrive
·      M12L Recycling Crane with MasterDrive
·      PH T22 TEC5 Hookloader
The event was attended by 15 of our key customers, who were able to experience hands-on operation of our latest products at Marumi Machinery’s new facility, under the backdrop of scenic mountains in the Gunma Prefecture. We generated a good amount of interest and inquiries and are thankful to Marumi Machinery for their enthusiasm and cooperation to make this event possible!
A big thank you to all our customers for your participation and we look forward to seeing our machines out there, making your work more efficient and comfortable.