PKR cranes

PKR 125

PKR 125


Distinctive, with their upward-folding articulated arms, and indispensable when peak performance is required in the overhead line area; whether working with load hooks, winches, work baskets, or other additional equipment - the denser the tangle of contact wires, suspension ropes, and guy wires, and the greater the number of overhead obstacles, the greater the efficiency and cost-effectiveness achieved with PKR cranes. Gone are the days when interfering system components had to be dismantled first to clear the work site for crane operations!

  • Optimal lifting forces in all arm positions thanks to the Railway Power Link System
  • PLd-compliant control system according to EN13849
  • Secure data transmission according to the CANopen Safety Protocol
  • Combined operation of more units mounted on the same vehicle
  • Safe operation through lateral and vertical movement limiters according to EN 14033
  • Versatile range of applications due to a large pool of crane attachments
  • Efficient and fast due to continuous slewing gear
  • High user-friendliness through radio remote control
  • More comfort and safety through soft stop

PKR Kinematics

Working in the hard-to-reach catenary area is not a problem thanks to the special kinematics of the PKR crane series. The 80° “reverse” articulated boom delivers peak performance in the overhead line area. The double lever system ensures constant lifting capacity at different boom positions.

KombSmart Control System Ensures Stability by Balancing Overturning Moments of Crane and Access Platform

The combined use of PALFINGER railway devices achieves the highest efficiency. With its flexible adjustment method, PALFINGER enables the operation of multiple devices on one vehicle. The existing vehicle stability moment is perfectly distributed through communication between the devices.

Counterweight on the crane column

A counterweight on the crane column increases lifting capacity for lightweight vehicles. For work without support legs, it is the perfect addition for heavy lifting operations.

A multifunctional talent in tooling

The extensive range of PALFINGER accessories makes the crane a multifunctional tool. The high-quality and perfectly matched accessories guarantee peak performance.


With the earthing of all components through highly flexible grounding cables, PALFINGER provides perfect protection against electric shocks. All components - from the base to the crane tip - are connected by 2x50mm² strong grounding cables. Transparent insulation material facilitates the inspection of grounding cables for breaks or damage caused by derived current (carbonization). Devices with a work basket are also equipped with grounding cables.

Continuous lifting capacity optimization in inclination

The strengths of PALFINGER railway cranes come to the fore in operations at high track cants. State-of-the-art sensors incorporate the inclination in real time into the stability calculation. This allows the crane's lifting capacity to be continuously adjusted from 0° to 15°, eliminating the need for reducing I in general.

State-of-the-art technology in the crane operator's cabin

The newly developed cabin control allows for the effortless execution of complex work tasks. In addition to controlling the crane movements, the vehicle's drive can also be operated using the foot pedal

Vertical Movement Limiter according to EN-14033

The parametric Vertical Movement Limiter of the Railway Premium Line allows maximum range of motion with the highest level of safety. The limit-curve according to EN14033 is calculated based on specific track parameters and safety measures. To prevent safety-compromising movements, Paltronic dynamically detects the crane's position in real time using state-of-the-art sensors. With an extension, up to three height limit-curves can be stored in Paltronic.

Lateral Movement Limiter according to EN-14033

The parametric Lateral Movement Limiter of the Railway Premium Line allows maximum freedom of movement with the highest level of safety. The limit-curve is calculated based on the specific clearance profile and corresponding safety measures according to EN14033. State-of-the-art sensors combined with Paltronic ensure a PLd standard. With an extension, up to four different limit-curves can be stored in Paltronic.

Performance Level according to ISO 13849-1 is PLd

The Paltronic crane control system, combined with the connected sensor system, achieves Performance Level PLd and meets the high safety standards of railway norms.



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